How To Achieve The Ultimate Clean Girl Look in 2023

How To Achieve The Ultimate Clean Girl Look in 2023

The clean girl makeup look is still hot and trending this year. So what is all the hype about and what is the "clean makeup look"? This trend has gone viral on TikTok and other social media channels, and we can see why everyone is obsessed with this look and why it has totally taken over.

The clean look is about highlighting your natural beauty, enhancing your natural skin to give the minimalist and effortless look, with glowy and dewy skin. The simple yet classy look. This makeup style is perfect for those who don’t want to go all out with their makeup but still want to look put together. The clean girl makeup is usually light coverage, using products that will enhance your skin texture and give you a healthy glow.

The clean makeup look is simply a more natural approach to makeup. It is all about looking like you have great skin and don’t need a lot of cover up or "help" from makeup products. This year the focus is on healthy and dewy skin, which means less foundation and powder, and more skincare products that will give you a natural glow.

pretty mess false strip lashes clean girl makeup by lis from luviri

Luviri's clean girl makeup look. Makeup by Luviri co-founder, Lis

This look isn't about using natural products - it's about the girls on your social media who look absolutely flawless with their perfect skin and perfect glow. You have immediate skin envy happening just from their dewy highlights staring right back at you. Even though it looks like they’re not wearing much makeup, these trends setters have found the perfect products to give them that dewy slay.

Luckily, there are endless tutorials on how you can get the clean makeup look in your very own home. With some of the world's favourite socialites and models also favouring this look, it can be done without breaking the bank and costing a small fortune.

If you’re thinking that the clean makeup look is too good to be true, or that it’s just not possible to achieve, think again! With a few simple tips and the right products, anyone can achieve a clean makeup look. Here are our top tips:

1 - Start with your skin. We recommend adhering to a skincare routine so that you have a well hydrated and flawless canvas to work with. Getting that skin glow happening is important because this look really starts with your skin. If you want some tips on a great skincare routine, check out our skincare routine blog for some skincare tips. We also recommend using our reusable Makeup Remover Pads to cleanse your face, and our Double-Sided Exfoliating Glove body scrubber for an all over body polish!

2 - Keep your hair clean and shiny. Alternatively, you can opt to slick your hair back as well. The look of well-kept hair is a must. Some beauty babes use dry shampoo and hair treatments to slick their hair into a sleek bun. Whichever style you choose, the key is tidy and slick. 

3 - This makeup look is the "no makeup look", so you want a flawless base, fluffy brows, and neutral earthy tones with flushed cheeks..

Illuminating primer - this will help form your base with the bright and awake look.

Base - choose a skin tint or your favourite concealer and foundation. As this look is the minimalistic look, don't go too heavy handed with the brush and application. Less is more. We recommend Jane Iredale Skincare Makeup BBGLOW.

Cream blush - we have gone with a cream blush to stick with the dewy look. Cream blush can be applied with your fingers or a brush, and lightly blended in.

Mascara - we recommend using Abbie Rescue Growth Mascara. The Abbey is a 2 in 1 formula. It’s infused with lash growth serum properties. Tubular, flake free, waterproof and durable mascara that combines 4D fibres to enhance length, curl and volume as well as stimulating growth.

Brow Gel - The brow gel will help keep your brows in place and styled to how you like to wear your brows, keeping them in place all day. We recommend using Fox Cosmetics Brow Tamer.

Lip gloss - Finish the clean makeup look with your favourite lip gloss or lip oil.

clean girl makeup with foundation bottle

4 - Minimalist gold jewellery seems to be the top pick when it comes to clean girl accessories. Gold hooped earrings and gold layered necklaces really help to put this look together. Nothing with too much bling or pieces that are too over the top.

5 - Lastly spritz with your favourite perfumes now you're ready to walk out the door.

Lis beauty doing clean girl makeup

Clean girl makeup look. Makeup by Luviri's co-founder, Lis

Love our clean girl look above? Drop your comments below with your favourite product picks, if you love this clean girl look, and if you have tried this look out for yourself. We would love to hear from you. Until next time, stay beautiful!

Luviri co-founders,
Lis & Kirby x

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