Glam Squad Essentials: How To Wash Your Ponytail Extensions!

Glam Squad Essentials: How To Wash Your Ponytail Extensions!

Who says haircare can't be a party? Buckle up, beauties, because we're about to dive into the fabulous world of ponytail extensions and how to give them the TLC they deserve. Whether you're rocking Luviri's Ponytail Hair Extensions or any other fabulous locks, here's the lowdown on how to wash, woo, and make them last!


Step 1: Suds 'n' Shine

Time to get sudsy, but not just any soap will do. Grab yourself a mild shampoo, it's gotta be sulphate-free! We're talkin' shampoos without those 'sulphate' bad boys on the ingredient list. Sulphates tend to be a stronger cleansing agent. We need to treat synthetic hair with care!

  1. Fill your basin with lukewarm water 
  1. Add a dollop of your sulphate-free shampoo to the water, mix it up.
  1. Gently dip your ponytail extensions into the soapy water. Give 'em a little swirl – we're going for even distribution.
  1. Squeeze the hair, but do it gently! No fierce scrubbing or twisting allowed; we're treating these tresses with care.
  1. Rinse the hair under warm water until it flows crystal clear – no soap residue here!
  1. You can repeat these steps if needed for a deeper clean. 

Step 2: Condition Like a Queen

Conditioner is your hair's BFF, so let's show it some love! Grab a synthetic hair-friendly conditioner – we don't want any diva tantrums here. Reach for a conditioner labelled 'synthetic safe' or 'sulphate-free.' Trust us; it's the VIP treatment your extensions deserve!

Try one that is free from proteins. If you like a little more shine use a conditioner with added hair oils. 

  1. Slather that conditioner onto your hands and coat those luscious locks evenly. Concentrate on the mid-section and ends – that's where the magic happens!
  1. Give the conditioner at least 10-minutes to deeply condition the hair. 
  1. After10 minutes, gently detangle with your fingers. Be patient, no hair-raising drama here!
  1. Rinse thoroughly with mildly warm water 

Step 3: Drying Time

Time to towel-dry those locks, but remember, no aggressive rubbing or wringing – we're treating them like the VIPs they are!

  1. Gently blot out the extra water with a soft, clean towel.
  1. Now, give them some air! Hang 'em up on a wig stand or let them hang in the shower you can also use a hair dryer on a cool setting to speed up the process.

Step 4: Post-Party Gorgeousness

We're not done yet! The post-wash glamour is just as important.

  1. Spritz some lightweight hair detangler and grab a wide-tooth comb for the final touch.
  1. Start from the bottom and work your way up

Remember, our fabulously fun ponytail extensions are ready to party, but they're also ready to last. Be gentle, and show them some love. Your ponytail extensions are here to slay, so let's keep them ready to conquer the world, one fabulous style at a time. 

P.S. – For those who love a good hair party, don't forget to check out Luviri's Ponytail Hair Extensions – they're the life of the party!


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