Founded by beauty industry professionals

Welcome to Luviri, an Australian owned and operated cruelty-free false lash and lash accessory retailer.  

We’re committed to providing high-quality, affordable, cruelty-free products that actually work!

Our founders, Lis and Kirby, are renowned makeup artists and beauty therapists.  We’re dedicated to giving you the best silk lashes on the market.

As makeup professionals, we’re constantly growing and gaining new skills to keep up with industry standards.  Above all, we have an unbridled passion for making our clients look fantastic and feel good.

We’ve also worked with an enormous range of professional brands and products in some of Brisbane’s biggest salons, so we know every makeup trick in the book!

We’ve experienced the frustrations of industry professionals and customers alike in finding high-quality products.  We’ve experienced your frustrations in finding affordable and cruelty-free lashes. 

Luxury at an affordable price

Luviri started out because over the years, we noticed the steady decline in quality of false lashes available in the marketplace.

Many high-quality lash options were real mink and falsely claiming to be cruelty free. (Mink the hair of farmed animals – no thanks!). Other brands offered synthetic silk, which are legitimately cruelty free false lashes. But these options were either expensive or disturbingly cheap and nasty.

So, we decided to just create our own lashes, and started selling them to makeup artists and beauticians in our circles.

Our lashes became so popular that we started an online store.  We now stock a range of accessories for lash application and care, makeup removers and body exfoliating gloves.

You can feel good knowing that all Luviri products are reusable - making them environmentally friendly. They’re also free of nasty chemicals - making them good for your skin. 

Cruelty free

If you’re looking for high quality and affordable false lashes and makeup accessories are cruelty-free and vegan, Luviri has got you covered.

We are against any animal testing and that’s why we only souse cruelty-free and vegan products from ethical manufacturers. 

Products Everyone Can Use

At Luviri, we don’t just sell to industry professionals – we specifically designed our silk lashes and makeup accessories for everyone to use. 

Learn how to get your lashes looking as good as the models in our Instagram posts by checking out our YouTube channel.  

Check out our upcoming blogs for trends, tips, instructions, and tutorial videos, so you too can create the Luviri look!    

lis and kirby luviri co founders