Lock, Load, & Shine: Luviri's Ultimate Guide to Mastering Ponytail Hair Extensions

Lock, Load, & Shine: Luviri's Ultimate Guide to Mastering Ponytail Hair Extensions

Step aside, clip-in ponytail hair extensions! Luviri's ponytail hair extension, featuring a robust hair band attached to 9 hair segments, redefine the landscape of hair extensions. Renowned for their minimal damage, these hair extension ponytail boast the least invasive installation process. No heat, no chemicals, just effortless glitz & glam that can be easily embraced or set aside when not in use. Because who said beauty can't be both stunning and stress-free?

Luviri’s ponytail hair extensions are uniquely designed to add thickness to length to a regular ponytail instantly but with that extra added glam due to the hair tinsel. Say goodbye to sad, limp ponytails and hello to bouncy, voluminous hair extensions ponytail, that can be styled in a high ponytail, low ponytail, braided ponytail or buns, or even turned into festival hair. No longer for simply hiding unwashed or boring “I’ve been there, done that," Un-styled hair. We’re giving ponytails an explosive glow up. 

Ponytail Perfection: Effortless Curls and Hollywood Glamour

Amplify your ponytail game effortlessly by adding curls with a low-heat hair straightener. Achieve a sexy, Victoria Secret-inspired textured look that exudes sophistication.

If your natural ponytail lacks the Hollywood bounce, whether it's due to thinning, shorter length, or dryness, ponytail extensions are your shortcut to instant fabulousness. Say goodbye to lacklustre locks and welcome longer, thicker ponytails that scream glamour from the get-go. 

Amp It Up: Customise Your Look with Our Premium Ponytail Hair Extensions

Should the ponytail's thickness feel too much, customisation is at your fingertips. Simply detach segments from the black hair tie. Use these liberated strands for braiding into your hair or save them for future use, offering you the flexibility to reintroduce them when you desire extra volume and flair for your ponytail. It's not just an extension, it's a personalised style statement.

Introducing the Luviri Hair Extension Ponytail, where every set includes:

  • - 1 x 100g, 26" Hair Extensions Ponytail infused with hair tinsel for that touch of glamour
  • - 1 x Black Satin Drawstring Bag: Your elegant solution for keeping your ponytail dust-free, tangle-free, and in impeccable condition
  • Elevate your hair game with sophistication and practicality in every bundle.

Our ponytail hair extensions are the most user-friendly option for application and removal. Crafted from premium synthetic fibres, securely fastened to a durable black hair tie, these extensions redefine quality and convenience. Perfect for daily wear, their seamless removal and replacement make them a wardrobe essential.

How to Wear Your Luviri ponytail Hair Extension: 


Style your look by brushing your natural hair into an elevated ponytail at the crown. Place it slightly higher than your desired position and affix the synthetic ponytail extension securely using the provided robust hair tie. Perfect the art of effortless elegance.


Show your Ponytail some TLC. Steer clear of aggressive brushing, instead opt for a wide-toothed comb or detangling brush to maintain its allure.

Initiate your brushing journey from the bottom, gently working your way up. This technique minimises tangles, shedding, and undue stress on your natural strands, ensuring your Ponytail stays as fabulous as ever.


Crafting the perfect ponytail involves a bit of finesse. But no stress, it’s easy and perfect for hair beginners.

Begin by securing the hair tie around your natural ponytail, but here's the twist, before cinching it tight, let the hair segments cascade downwards, framing your face. Once the ponytail is secured to your satisfaction, wrap the tie 2-3 times for a snug fit. Now, the magic happens, flip those hair segments back over your own ponytail. This technique ensures a flawless, effortlessly chic ponytail that's as seamless as it is stylish.


Say goodbye to visible hair ties! Achieve a seamless look by wrapping one of the hair segments around your ponytail base. Simply wrap until there's a 1-inch tail, secure it by tucking under the elastic or using a bobby pin. For any stray strands, expertly conceal by tucking them beneath the ponytail base. Effortless elegance at your fingertips!


Voila! You've just unlocked the secrets to effortlessly glam up your natural ponytail with our synthetic extensions. Now that you've mastered the art of application, you're well on your way to turning heads with voluminous, lengthened locks. Whether you're gearing up for a special occasion or just want that everyday glam, just like the human hair ponytail extension, our very own ponytail hair extensions are your go-to for that instant hair upgrade. Embrace the beauty of versatility, and let your ponytail steal the spotlight. Get ready to stride out with newfound confidence and a fabulous, flick-worthy ponytail.


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