Luviri Double Sided Exfoliating Gloves - Ain't Nothing Basic About Our Exfoliating Body Scrubber.

Luviri Double Sided Exfoliating Gloves - Ain't Nothing Basic About Our Exfoliating Body Scrubber.

We all want that beautiful clear, smooth skin. With our chaotic schedules and stress levels increasing, we tend to follow the tiktok trends and look for a process that is quick and easy to do, affordable, and with no real downtime. With a lot of expensive options available to you it can start to get overwhelming, becoming costly and timely.   

silky smooth legs after exfoliating with the luviri exfoliating glove for antiaging

If you are wanting to get that sexy mama glow back, we have the holy grail beauty tool that you can add into your self-care routine. The best part is that this is one product used alone that targets an abundance of skin concerns. That’s right, one product alone which can be used with water only, no products needed! Easily remove dirt, sebum & slough off that unwanted dead skin down the drain with Luviri's double-sided body exfoliator glove. 

Available on their own or in a Skin Saver Kit, Luviri's exfoliating glove for body allows for a substantially more comfortable fit, as they are larger in size offering additional room to move. This makes them suitable for both males & females.

black exfoliating glove, sugar puff and brow and lash cleanser in skin care bundle


Aesthetically they are the leading body exfoliator, as they don't shrivel up like a hot mess when you hang them up to dry like your basic viscose exfoliating gloves do. They hold their shape and durability. Unlike other exfoliating gloves that end up paper thin once you start using them, and can mostly leave your skin red raw, our double-sided body scrubber delivers an amazing deep body exfoliation without tearing up your skin in the process. The soft terry towel inside is not only comfortable on your hands but it also supports keeping the glove in place while you are exfoliating, allowing for more control in those sensitive and hard to reach areas.

infographic of glove and the unique materials for deep exfoliation

The Importance Of Exfoliating:

Did you know that exfoliation has so many attractive advantages? Treat your body with some love and care through physical exfoliation and see the visible benefits for yourself. 
For or a physical exfoliation we recommend using our body exfoliating gloves 1-2  times a week, if this is suitable for your skin. Regular exfoliation allows for better absorption of your skin care products so that they can work more effectively. This is why it’s the most cost effective way to exfoliate your body. Regular exfoliation also boosts collagen production, showing a smoother and exceedingly brighter complexion all over. By stimulating the blood flow with exfoliation, it assists in moving the toxins around the body and flushing them out. An added benefit of deep exfoliation is that it removes the barrier of dead skin cells to uncover fresh new cells. You can thank your Luviri body exfoliating mitt for assisting with cell turnover, because it will reveal a boosted dewy and glowing skin complexion. Silky, soft and smooth.

What are the key benefits from our best body exfoliator: Luviri’s double-sided exfoliating glove

  • Eliminate Keratosis Pilaris (chicken skin or strawberry legs) 
  • Reduce the appearance of stretch marks & scarring 
  • Improve circulation & stimulate collagen for anti-aging benefits
  • Visibly remove acne & prevent breakouts
  • Increase blood flow 
  • Eliminate ingrown hairs
  • Unclog congested skin
  • Visibly remove dry, dead skin
  • Lighten up scarring
  • Faux tan remover & makes for a better tan application 
  • Fights off dull & bumpy skin 
  • Leaves you with sexy smooth skin, others won't be able to keep their hands off you

How to use your Luviri exfoliating body scrubber

Turn your shower on, get yourself & your exfoliating glove nice and wet:

shower soak

You need a good 5-10 minutes to get your skin super moist – so use this time to clean your body with soap first and rinse it all off. Give your glove a good squeeze to remove all the excess water.

Rub your scrubber mitt over your body in your preferred motions:

double-sided exfoliating glove
Small circular motions, or if you prefer, back and forward motions. PLEASE NOTE: If your skin is dry and flaky you can probably ride that mitt pretty darn hard over your body. If you’ve got normal, oily or sensitive skin that’s prone to breakouts or reactions, you can still achieve a deep body exfoliation with delicate & gentle motions.

You might see dead skin roll off:

dead skin rolling off from using the exfoliating glove
It can be unlikely to happen if you’re exfoliating regularly & your skin is well hydrated.
If you’re dry/flaky (or have keratosis pilaris) you’ll see all that unpretty dead skin just peel right off. If your skin is hydrated, you’ll still get a great deep & thorough body exfoliation.

Finish off with your favourite aftercare:

exfoliated aftercare

Our glove delivers real results with no gimmicks. With your smooth exfoliated skin finish off with your favourite moisturisers or aftercare.

how to infographic pictures with steps using the exfoliating glve correctly

Important tips you need to know  - Taking care of your exfoliating gloves

It is so important to take care of your exfoliating gloves once you have finished your deep exfoliation. Exfoliating gloves are essentially used for removing the unwanted dead skin from off your body. So it’s crucial that you rinse them out thoroughly and hang them out to dry in a well ventilated space. Letting them dry outside of the shower away from moisture will avoid bacteria growth.
Unfortunately even with thorough rinsing dead skin cells can still be present within the fibers. It is recommended to avoid machine washing our double-sided exfoliating gloves, and opt for replacing them in the recommended 3 month period. For hygiene purposes, don’t share the love, 1 glove per person.

pink and black exfoliating gloves by the pool in summer shot

We have so many expensive options out there, so don’t waste your money on overpriced gimmick exfoliating gloves. Once you try our double-sided exfoliating gloves, you will wonder how you ever lived without them. If you're looking for the best exfoliating gloves Australia, look no further than our best body exfoliator. Our Luviri double-sided body exfoliating gloves are available on Amazon USA in pink & black, and also available in Australia.

Have you achieved your skin goals this season? Drop your comments below.

Luviri co-founders,

Lis & Kirby x

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