Luviri & New You Wigs: Empowering Cancer Patients with Magnetic Lashes

Luviri & New You Wigs: Empowering Cancer Patients with Magnetic Lashes

In a world awash with conflicting information, authenticity is our guiding light. At Luviri, we understand the power of sharing first-hand experiences, particularly when it comes to our magnetic eyeliner lashes Australia. 


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Our journey with best magnetic lashes Australia has been enriched by a cherished partnership with Rachel, the heart and soul behind New You Wigs. Her unwavering support for countless cancer patients, primarily through her wig business, has made her an indispensable ally on the path to self-esteem and well-being.


Our collaboration with Rachel has spanned years, a testament to the trust she places in our magnetic eyeliner lashes and Lash Kits. She not only recommends our products to her clients but has also been an advocate for their transformative effects. Together, we've witnessed the remarkable success stories of individuals who have discovered renewed confidence through our Luviri Magnetic & Invisible Magnetic Lashes.


Rachel from New You Wigs


Rachel's invaluable connection with those navigating cancer journeys has highlighted the unique challenges they face. For many, eyelash loss is an unfortunate consequence of treatments like radiation therapy, while others contend with dry or pink eyes due to immune system suppression from anti-cancer drug therapy.


In response to these challenges, we've seen our Magnetic Lashes emerge as more than just a beauty accessory. They've become a source of empowerment, offering a reliable alternative to traditional mascara. Our mess-free and secure magnetic pen eyeliner formula not only simplifies application but also stands up to water for lasting wear.


Luviri's magnetic Liner Pen & Invisible Magnetic Lashes Style Lucy


While our Magnetic Lashes have been a resounding success for many, we understand that they may not be a one-size-fits-all solution. Each individual's journey is unique, and we prioritise comfort and suitability above all else when it comes to magnetic lash application.


It's worth noting that some have hesitated to embrace Magnetic Lashes, fearing they might compromise the magnetic lashes natural look. We're here to debunk this misconception – when applied close to the lash line, our magnetic pen liner goes virtually undetected once the lashes are in place. The application process is flexible, allowing you to achieve the precise thickness that suits your preference.


Our Invisible Magnetic Lashes, featuring magnet fibers seamlessly woven into the lash band, ensure a lightweight, natural feel without the burden of visible, bulky magnets.



Even if you lack a steady hand, fear not – the magnetic pen liner can be applied in thin, precise segments, concealing any minor errors once the lashes are affixed. The key is to maintain a thin line, avoiding unnecessary thickness.


We love and cherish our enduring partnership with Rachel, CEO of New You Wigs. Together, we continue to provide a confidence-boosting eyelash alternative for those who seek it, even if only as a temporary solution.


Rachel from New You Wigs, wearing one of her available wigs


Whether you're new to magnetic eyeliner lashes or looking to refine your technique, we recommend exploring our tutorials. And should you have questions or require assistance with lash styles, application techniques, or any other concerns, we invite you to reach out to us directly. At Luviri, we're dedicated to helping you embrace your beauty with confidence.


Join us on this journey of transformation, where Magnetic Lashes become more than an accessory; they become a symbol of empowerment and self-assured beauty.


Lis & Kirby

Luviri co-founders

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