Magnetic Lashes Not Sticking? Unveiling Troubleshooting Tips for Flawless Application.

Magnetic Lashes Not Sticking? Unveiling Troubleshooting Tips for Flawless Application.

Ever faced the frustration of your magnetic lashes not living up to their stickiness potential? Fear not! We're here with a comprehensive guide on troubleshooting your magnetic lash application to ensure your gaze stays captivating all day long. Get ready to unlock the secrets to flawless lash adherence and embrace the magnetic magic without any hiccups!

Storing Success – Keep That Tip Down!

Trouble: The Magnetic Liner is Drying Out

The key to a long-lasting magnetic liner is all in the storage! Make it a rule of thumb to store your magnetic pen liner with the tip facing down. This ensures that the product stays evenly distributed, preventing premature drying. A quick shake before use keeps the formula vibrant and ready for its lash-holding mission.


Liner Love – Thick is the Trick!

Trouble: Thin Liner, No Stick

The thickness of your magnetic liner is crucial! If the liner is thinner than the magnets on your lashes, they won't stick as intended. Ensure you're drawing a thick, consistent line along your lash line. This not only provides a sturdy base for the lashes but also enhances the magnetic connection for a reliable hold.


Tackiness Triumph – Timing Is Everything!

Trouble: Lashes Not Holding

Timing plays a pivotal role in achieving a strong hold. Apply 2-3 coats of the magnetic liner and attach your lashes while the liner is still tacky. This not only enhances the adhesive power but also creates a seamless fusion between the lashes and your natural lash line.

Trim and Tame – Measure Twice, Trim Once!

Trouble: Loose Lashes Over Time

Long lashes are fabulous, but not if they're too long for your eyes! Measure the lashes against your eye and trim any excess. Ensure there's a magnetic end at both the start and end of the lash for seamless attachment. A perfect fit guarantees a secure hold throughout the day.

Clean Slate – Prep Pre-Use Lashes Right!

Trouble: Dirty Lashes, Weakened Hold

If you're using pre-used magnetic eyeliner lashes, cleanliness is key. Wipe off any old eyeliner from the lash band and gently clean the magnets to remove any buildup. A clean base ensures a strong hold and optimal magnetic connection.

Powder Play – Less Is More!

Trouble: Makeup Powders Dulling the Magnetism

Avoid overloading your lids with powdery products before attaching lashes. Excessive eye makeup can mix into the eyeliner, diluting its formula. Opt for a clean lid before application for an optimal magnetic connection. Apply eyeshadow after lash attachment for a flawless finish.

Mascara Magic – Secure and Blend!

Trouble: Missing Security and Blending

A post-application touch-up with mascara not only enhances security but also blends your natural and false lashes seamlessly. A gentle squeeze to fuse them together ensures a polished, integrated look.

Clean Sweep – Maintain the Magnetics!

Trouble: Dirty Lashes, Diminished Stickiness

Washing and storing your invisible magnetic lashes are essential for their longevity. Use the Luviri Lash Cleanser – gently soak lashes, work through with a spoolie, wipe magnetics, air dry, and voila! Pop them back into the lash box for shape maintenance and a bacteria-free zone.


Create a fuss free application every time.

Troubleshooting your Silk magnetic lashes application is the key to unlocking a world of flawless, fuss-free glamour. Follow these tips, and you'll be batting those magnetic eyeliner lashes Australia with confidence in no time. Say goodbye to sticky situations and hello to a magnetic gaze that's truly mesmerizing!


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