Never Sleep in Makeup Again: Fight off old age in just minutes a day with Luviri

Never Sleep in Makeup Again: Fight off old age in just minutes a day with Luviri

Not taking off your makeup is like sending out a dinner invitation to bacteria, not the kind of guests you want around! As we know, natural all mineral makeup can still clog pores and prevent skin from breathing overnight.

It's all too easy for late nights and tired eyes to derail your skincare routine, but don't let that be an excuse not to take proper care of yourself! If you find your regimen has gotten a little complicated recently then simplify it, because looking after your skin is always the most important thing. 

Get ready to discover the secret of smooth, healthy skin without a lot of effort. It's our Sugar Puffs - Luviri's best-selling reusable makeup remover pads for those nights when you don't have energy left over for your skincare routine. Keep reading and let us show you how with this easy and convenient lazy girl technique. 

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Let's Get Sexy - Invest in Your Anti-Aging Routine:

Did you know that your skin renews itself while you’re sleeping? It goes into hyper repair mode at night, by leaving your makeup on you unfortunately prevent the natural skin renewal process from happening. 

When you don't wash off your makeup at night, it's like giving yourself a ticket to an early ageing vacation. Your complexion will thank you when you let it tackle its nightly rejuvenation process naturally.

Take a look at this shocking experiment that was conducted in 2013. Despite her bravely not washing off makeup for a month, this woman's experiment was no laughing matter. Skin experts estimated that she aged 10 years in the process! So if you're feeling too lazy to take off your war paint before bedtime tonight, think again!

Despite what you may think, sleeping on your makeup is a major no-no! All that trapped dirt and oil can lead to quite the skin disaster. You want to keep those beautiful natural repair processes humming like clockwork? Then proper cleansing and exfoliation are key. 

foaming lash cleanser

Try regular cleansing and exfoliation, it's what you need for fresh, new cells to do their thing. Keep dirt and makeup from lingering too long on the surface of your face or else they'll start producing a wave of free radicals ready to wreak havoc! When all that oil builds up overnight against the pillowcase it's time to cleanse off those dead cells so natural repair processes can jumpstart.

Beauty Belongs to the Bold - Makeupless Nights are a Must:


Yeah, no thanks! Going to bed with a face full of makeup isn't worth it. All that grime and oil sticking around can wreak havoc on your skin - clogged pores and breakouts are common side effects.


You know that overnight feeling of waking up with radiant skin? Well, you won't get it if you don't wash your face before going to bed. That's right, all those creams and potions are only useful when they're not blocked by a layer of old makeup! We all want to look radiant and refreshed in the morning, but that's hard when you don't give your skin a chance to revive! When makeup stays on overnight, it prevents renewal and can settle into lines, leaving you with dull-looking skin.


For beautiful, long lashes that last, you need to give them a little extra TLC. Even though it can be tempting to skip the night time routine and just sleep on your mascara dreams - don't do it! LUVIRI's Foaming Cleanser with Lash Cleansing Brush are essential components of a proper beauty ritual for delicate lash health. So lather up ladies & brush those babies before bedtime!



Did you know that sleeping in your makeup could be a one-way ticket to wrinkles town? That's right, ladies and gents - those free radicals won't take kindly to staying tucked away all night. Sealing them on the surface of our skin for hours on end is like offering an open invitation for collagen breakdown and dreaded fine lines!


We all crave that blissful nighttime skin care routine, but if your face isn't squeaky clean before you apply those creams and antioxidants of yours, what's the point? Did you know that some makeup formulas contain nasty ingredients that actually drain moisture away from the skin? Don’t let a little dirt or makeup get in between you and your beautiful complexion.


No matter how tired you are, resist the temptation to snooze with your makeup on! It's like a game of Russian roulette - leave it for too long and you could be dealing with redness, itchiness, infection or even eyelid cysts. As if that weren't enough reason not to risk it in the first place.

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Outsmart Time - Fight Off Old Age with Luviri:

At Luviri, we understand the craving for an easy-breezy skincare routine on those nights when you just don't have the energy. Our secret weapon? Sugar Puffs - our top-selling pampering pads that take away dirt and makeup with zero fuss.

Luviri’s Sugar Puffs are the reusable makeup remover pads taking Australia by storm! 

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Those gorgeous little puffs will gently exfoliate your skin and easily remove impurities.

Luviri Sugar Puffs are non-toxic and reusable, meaning they are not only suitable for all skin types but also better for the environment.

Each makeup remover pack comes with two reusable pads, packaged in perfection. Simply add water and wipe over your face for instant removal of face and eye makeup.

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Lazy girl step-by-step night time skincare routine:


Luviri’s Reusable makeup Remover Pads - Sugar Puffs

*If you’re feeling a little less lazy than usual, you can add in Luviri’s Foaming Cleanser. All you need to do is cleanse your face with 1-2 pumps and gently wipe as normal using your Sugar Puff.

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Step 1:

Wet your Sugar Puff with water and squeeze out the excess water.

Step 2:

Cleanse your face using your remover pad, this little beauty will remove all traces of dirt, oils, makeup, mascara, eyeliner, lash glue, little magic puff.

Step 3:

Clean your remover pad with antibacterial soap, rinse with water, hang it up and let it dry

How easy is that? No more excuses as to why you went to bed with your makeup still on. Tonight, don't let cleanup stand between you and a good night's rest! With Luviri’s Sugar Puffs - the holy grail reusable makeup remover pads, those long days out (and late nights in) no longer have to end with the dreaded task of washing your face. Put on your jammies, kick back and relax knowing that beautiful skin is just one gentle swipe away!

If you want to step up your lazy girl night cleanse routine, team your Sugar Puff up with Luviri’s Foaming Cleanser and Lash Cleansing Brush for the triple threat of face cleansing love. Save time and money with a Lash Care Bundle

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Reduce Signs of Aging in Just Minutes a Day:

After a long day, be sure to give your skin some well-deserved TLC by washing off all that stuff it collected. From free radicals and bacteria to oil and pollution, make sure you leave those at the sink! Not only will this keep skin feeling clean and refreshed, but also help combat acne breakouts and signs of ageing.

Luviri co-founders,
Lis & Kirby x

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