Why The Skin Saver Kit Saved My Skin & Brought Me Back To Life

Why The Skin Saver Kit Saved My Skin & Brought Me Back To Life

Being a woman that is actively working within the beauty industry, I have always tried to keep up with the latest “beauty trends”, so that I'm also able to keep my clients in the loop of what’s working, what isn’t, and what is not even worth spending your hard earned cash on. 

I myself have always struggled with having reactive, sensitised skin. And if anyone is going to have an adverse reaction to a new product or skincare treatment, let’s be honest, it's going to be me. Therefore I have spent years perfecting my very own skincare routine based just off that. 

A Must-Have For Men & Women: Luviri’s Skin Saver Kit

So why exactly is this a global must-have, for not only women but also men too? Luviri’s Skin Saver Kit has literally saved time, stress, money, and better yet, it’s responsible for getting me my perfect skin back. Being able to remove unnecessary harsh chemicals and irritants out of my skincare routine and directly off my sensitive skin has been amazing for my extremely sensitive skin. 

It’s pretty safe to say that from working in the beauty industry from such a young age, I've used an abundance of high profiled, reputable skincare brands and their trending products. With age comes skin changes, and unfortunately as good as their marketing might be, some products just don't have that “wow” factor that they used to once have. 

A huge benefit working as a beauty therapist is letting my clients “try before they buy”, and by adding in our Luviri products and accessories into my professional in-salon treatments, it allows my clients to also fall in love with them before they even get the chance to see the true long term benefits for their skin.

Skin Saver Kit: Exfoliating Glove, Makeup Remover Pads & Foaming Cleanser

Double-Sided Exfoliating Glove:

Let's start with the star of the show. Luviri’s Double-Sided Exfoliating Glove. Exfoliating mitts that actually show visible results are hard to come across. It was love at first use after seeing the dead skin cell build up literally just roll off with minimum effort on my part. I couldn't believe my eyes how efficient and effective it was right off the first use. The amount of dead skin I saw being removed was incredible. Completely gross, but also incredibly satisfying. I had never seen any exfoliation device show a visible removal of dead skin as great as this body scrubber did. 

If you have ever had a microdermabrasion treatment on your face in a salon and have had the pleasure of seeing that little white pad filled with absolutely everything that had been removed off from your pores and of your skin, then you could understand my satisfaction of seeing the skin rolling off onto the shower floor, just after only one use. I used it again when trying to remove an old tan from off my skin after leaving it on just a little too long. Again I was shocked by the results. This time seeing the old spray tan being removed from my skin effortlessly, gave me another new found sense of satisfaction. That was it, two goes, and I had become wholly obsessed with my bi weekly exfoliation. I was having a competition with myself to get my personal best with how much visible dead skin I could roll off. Not only the results of tan removal and softer skin, I also started noticing other skin improvements. Having a long history of Keratosis Pilaris, the bumps on my body become smoother and more refined. The texture of my skin and absorption of my body moisturiser enhanced. Meaning that my skin was becoming more hydrated and I was able to use less moisturiser to make my skin feel soft and smooth. My spray tans not only on myself but on clients using the glove at home were flawless and lasting so much longer. Because of its double sided lining, it has been named the most comfortable wearing glove on the market. The soft terry towelling lining means no more over exfoliating your hands while you’re scrubbing away. And unlike chemical scrubs you won’t be leaving your shower smelling like an iced latte or mango smoothie sugar scrub. It allows for less mess, clean up, soap scum and no nasty leftover residue on the skin. By swapping this exfoliating glove with old basic traditional body exfoliation products, less work with real visible results has been the highlighted outcome.

Reusable Makeup Remover Pads: Sugar Puffs

Why are people making the switch from harsh make up remover wipes?

Its 2023 dehydrated barrier broken skin is so 2020. Glazed glass skin is in and it's time to throw those drying and stripping makeup wipes in the trash. Not only are they stripping your skin of every inch of moisture they cause micro tears in the skin and can be extremely irritating. Using harsh alcohol and solvents on the skin breaks down the skin barrier that keeps our skin looking and feeling healthy. It can cause premature ageing and no one wants to age any faster than they have to. When you break down your skin's natural barrier it can become irritated causing breakouts, redness and just look dull and lifeless. Our skin is the largest living organ on our bodies. Being gentle with it and looking after our skin even from a young age is important to promote healthy happy skin. So if makeup wipes are so bad for us why are they still a huge part of the beauty industry? Basically it's because they are marketed as being convenient. They do the job of removing makeup and they do it fast. We wanted to create a makeup remover that was gentle on the skin and lightly exfoliating to give you the fresh and clean feel without the irritation or use of harsh chemicals. It needed to be reusable and machine washable so that it stops any spread of bacteria on the delicate skin and on the pad itself. The microfibre material is water activated and so gentle and soft on the skin. It works hard to get in and around the pores to give a deeper clean than makeup wipes alone. Easy to pop in your bags to take away without being bulky or risking any spills or leaks. 

When offering facials in the salon it is my clients favourite part at the end of the facial to take home the sugar puffs I have used in treatment. My clients instantly fall in love with the Sugar Puffs and have started introducing their whole families to them. So soft and gently on the skin even toddlers and babies are able to use these magic puffs daily. We had to bring in the option of the black for the husbands soon after launching so the women didn't need to share their own with their hubbies. People can not get enough of these reusable makeup and skincare removal pads. And the daily light exfoliating again gives the brightening glow to the skin and helps your skin care products to penetrate deeper into the skin for better results over time. 

Lash and Brow Foaming Cleanser:

This is a product I use daily not only on myself but my clients in the salon. It’s the perfect prep for any facial, brow or lash treatment and gives a clean state to start and perform beauty services on. It is completely oil free but also leaves the skin and hair feeling nourished without dying out the skin's barrier. The velvety soft foam works into the skin, brows and lashes effortlessly and when paired with the Sugar Puffs its makeup removal power is unmatched. Designed to also work and prolong the life of eyelash extensions, lash lifts and false lashes, it was important to create a formula that was strong enough to remove even the toughest makeup from the skin while still being “sting-free” when using around the delicate eye area. There is nothing worse than stinging or burning eyes when trying to remove build up or makeup from the eye area. Especially if you are using the products on your clients you want them to be as comfortable as possible while being in the treatment room.

After having Covid-19 a few years ago I like many others suffered from long term side effects from the virus. My main side effect was dermatitis around my eyelids. My eyes would flair up constantly with red itchy and irritated skin. My eyes looked dry and flaky and wasn't a great look when trying to promote false lashes on our social media. Some days even water was too much to bare around the broken skin in my delicate eyelid area. Steroid creams were a no go as the skin around the eye area is extremely fine. And I couldn't risk more irritation in the area. I started to use the Foaming lash and Brow cleanser morning and night on my eyes. It felt like instant relief even on those days where water or my own sweat was causing flare ups. My eye area was starting to heal and even though it wasn't an instant fix it worked better than any other treatment my pharmacist and doctor had recommended. It is now the first product I use in the morning to refresh my skin ready for the day. It gave me the confidence back to not have to hide behind makeup daily and improved the health of my eyebrows and lashes. Making them feel soft and nourished without adding an oily film on my skin. At night I pair the cleanser with my sugar puffs for a deeper clean and to wash away the day before adding my night time skin care routine. Such a verifiable product that can be used by any and all skin types and conditions. It's a must have for any salon to keep in stock as once it's been used, it basically sells itself. 

Keeping the best till last you would think that a skin care kit with all these benefits you would need to pay a fortune. At Luviri we are passionate about making sure our best selling products are always affordable with the best quality cosmetics and accessories in Australia. Our bundles are a great way to use the products you love at a fraction of the price. This must have skin saver kit worth $70 is only $42. What's even better, if you're a beauty professional or salon owner, you can sign up for a wholesale account and get even bigger discounts. So get the glowing skin you deserve all year round. Discover and be proud of your best ever skin today 😍

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