DIY Lash Extensions: Safe or Not?

DIY Lash Extensions: Safe or Not?

Luviri do it yourself lash extension kits

Our eye area is extremely delicate and we need to be sure that whatever products or cosmetics we use around them are safe. Reactions to cosmetics are particularly severe because the eye area is incredibly sensitive. It is important to always do a test patch when you trial new products around your eyes. A test patch is a small area in which you test how your skin will react to a particular product. This is generally done in the inner arm or behind the ear by applying a small amount of the product to your skin and leaving it to sit for 24-48 hours. If any redness, swelling or irritation is present during that 24-48 hours discontinue use immediately as having a reaction around the eyes will be more intense. 

Are Your Eyelash Extensions Causing Damage to Your Natural Lashes: 

If you have ever had eyelash extensions you will have heard the term “stickies”. This is when one or more of your classic lash extensions or volume eyelash extensions stick together during the application. This can cause damage to your natural lashes. As your natural lashes start to grow out they pull out the lashes stuck to the eyelash extension, and this unfortunately causes damage to your lash follicle. When there is damage to the follicle it can be long term and take months or even years to heal. It can also weaken or even stop new lash growth from happening. Consequently you will have fewer lashes to hold your eyelash extensions to, and your lash sets will become less full and fluffy over time.

Hold Onto Your Lashes: Let's talk about eyelash extension glue.

Eyelash extension glue is designed to have a strong hold to your natural lashes, it’s waterproof and can only be removed by a trained professional. The lash extension glues usually come with fumes that can cause severe chemical burns to the eye itself. These chemical burns are very painful and often need to be prescribed a topical treatment to cure. Eyelash extensions should never be applied to an open eye as the fumes are far too strong. Eyelash extension dries quickly and with little to no flexibility. Basically if your lash tech does get more than one of your natural lashes attached to an eyelash extension, it can not detach itself. The only way to remove the extra natural lash from the eyelash application is to remove the eyelash extension completely, and then re-apply. If the eyelash that’s stuck is not removed it can become extremely painful as the lashes start to grow out. 

The Truth About DIY Lashes: Why DIY lash extensions are applied to more than one lash.

The do-it-yourself lash extensions come with segmented lashes. Each DIY lash segment is around 3-4mm long. This makes them much easier to apply especially if you have a sparse natural lash line, as there is more area for the segmented lashes to adhere to the natural lashes. 

DIY lash bond is designed to give a more flexible hold. It allows the lashes to still be able to move and bend like normal. By gluing more than one lash to the segmented lash, it can’t cause damage to your hair follicle. It is not designed to last on the lashes for more than 5-7 days. It can be easily removed with the removal gel in the DIY Eyelash Extensions Kits or by using an eye makeup remover over time. Luviri’s lash bond can be used while your eyes are open so you can apply your very own eyelash extensions at home, without the worry of painful chemical burns. Luviri’s lash glue is fume free and gentle, however if you have had a reaction to eyelash extension glue in the past, we do strongly recommend doing a test patch first. Because these eyelashes are designed to be worn for 5-7 days, the stress applied to the natural lash is incredibly lower than traditional eyelash extensions. After the removal you are able to do a deep cleanse of the eye area, unlike with eyelash extensions. Although washing both eyelash extensions and diy lash extensions should be done daily, makeup and oils can still be trapped by the extensions themselves. If your daily lash cleanse isn't done correctly it can result in lash mites, eye irritation and swelling. By removing your lashes weekly and doing a deep cleanse of the eye area you are preventing this from happening. 

Easy to apply segmented lashes

DIY Lash Extensions Made Easy: Segmented lashes aren't the only option when applying your DIY extensions.

The possibility of being able to create different lash looks when you’re doing your own eyelashes at home, are endless. You can use Luviri’s range of luxury false strip lashes, and we do suggest using a lighter lash style with the DIY lashes, as they will bond to your natural lashes better for a longer wear. When using any of one of our Luxury False lashes, all you need to do is trim them into 3-4 mm segments. Also known as “lash mapping”.

Some of our favourite best everyday false lashes available online that we suggest using with our do it yourself lash extension kits are:

Kirby Lashes for that gorgeous “classic” lash extensions look.

Lunar Lashes for a “Hybrid” lash extension look.

Miss Lis for a “volume” lash extension look. 

Want a little more freedom with your lash look?

Then you should try using our Individual Lashes. Our lash pack comes with 60 individual cluster lashes, which include 20 of each lash size: short, medium, and long.

Our Individual lashes are incredibly easy to apply, and they really give you full control with how to create your desired lash look. You can add as much volume and length as you like, or you can use these as an add on with our diy lash segments and luxury lashes to really get creative with different lash looks.  

Try using our Individual Lashes

Do you want to find out more about how to apply lash extensions on yourself? Great news, we have you covered. You will be lashing yourself like a pro after reading this blog post: Luviri's 2022 Revolutionary DIY Lash Extensions. Click the link and get lash ready with us.

We also have a number of DIY Lash application Videos on our YouTube channel.

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