Luviri's 2023 Revolutionary DIY Lash Extensions Revealed

Luviri's 2023 Revolutionary DIY Lash Extensions Revealed

It's no secret that for the last decade, lashes are still one of the biggest beauty trends. Everyone wants long luscious lashes, whether they are super thick and dramatic to draw you in, or gorgeous natural classic sets that just enhance your eyes and natural features.

As we're both beauty salon owners ourselves, eyelash extensions make up 75% of our treatments that are performed in our salons. Eyelash extensions are a great way to enhance not just your whole eye area, but your whole face, without requiring the use of any makeup. The beauty of being able to wake up and have a chunk of your makeup already done is the biggest selling point of eyelash extensions. However, eyelash extensions are a timely and costly treatment. A full set of eyelash extensions can take between 2-2.5 hours, and refills need to be booked every 2-3 weeks which takes around 1-2 hours per session. 

 luviri diy lash application

A dedicated “at home care” is really important when getting professional lash extensions. The lashes need to be cleaned, dried and brushed daily to avoid bacteria and lash clumping. This results in keeping your natural lashes healthy.

False strip lashes and Magnetic Eyelashes only last a day at a time, and although they don’t boast the same longevity like lash extensions do, they can still be a great substitute. 

Falsies can sometimes take a bit of skill to put them on correctly. They need to be carefully removed, washed and dried so that they are ready for the next use. With the correct care Luviri’s Premium Silk Lashes are reusable up to 15-30 times, making this a cost-effective option when wanting gorgeous lashes that only need to be worn short term. 

Luviri has an extensive collection of Silk Lashes making it fun and easy to change your look to suit your makeup needs or special events.

Do it yourself lash extensions (DIY Lash Kits), are taking over America, Europe and Australia. They are the newest trend in eyelashes and are a hybrid between eyelash extensions and false strip lashes. These revolutionary DIY Kits are waterproof and can last up to 10 days with proper care and use. Like all of Luviri’s products the DIY Kits are proudly Vegan friendly, cruelty free and reusable. 

luviri segmented lashes

So, what are DIY Lash Kits and how do they work?

DIY lashes are segmented lashes that are applied underneath the upper lash line using a waterproof adhesive. Because the lashes are segmented they sit comfortably on the lash line as they have more flexibility than the strip lashes. They also have a super fine clear lash band that becomes invisible once applied. The lashes themselves are incredibly lightweight making it hard to believe you're wearing lashes at all.

diy lashes

What is lash mapping?

Lash mapping is the design you can create using the segmented lashes that are in the lash kits. The best news is that the looks that you can create with your lashes are endless. For example:

- To create a sexy cat eye effect, apply the longest lashes to the outer corners of your eye. 

- For a more classic and natural look use shorter lashes and follow your natural lash pattern. 

As a lash artist myself I love that the lash designs that you can create by using the DIY Kits are just like the various styles of professional lash extensions that I perform in my salon. How amazing is that?

With the infinite styles available to you, you can easily go from the most dramatic look, soft and natural, to anywhere in between. The choice is yours!

diy lash segments

Applying the DIY lashes;

Applying the DIY lashes should take no time at all. Mastering the placement of your lashes can sometimes take a few tries pending on the look you’re trying to achieve. Once you have the technique down pat you will be loving all the extra time you’re saving from those regular salon trips while trying to book yourself into already heavily booked lash artists for your regular refills. Not to mention the obvious, all the extra money you will be saving by doing your own lashes at home. Gotta love that extra coin in the bank. 

By following these easy to follow steps, you will be able to create a perfect and seamless DIY lash application for yourself. Find that inner “Lash Artist” and create your own style!

Step #1 - Lash Prep

Start by cleansing your natural lashes with one pump of Luviri's Lash Cleanser. Using circular motions gently work the cleanser into your natural lashes with Luviri's Lash Cleansing Brush including your whole eye area. Rinse with water and repeat if needed, making sure your lashes are completely clean. By having clean natural lashes before you start the lash application, will ensure a more superior result with longer lasting lashes. 

Fan your lashes to make sure that they are completely dry. 

Step #2 - Curl your lashes

Now that your lashes are prepped and squeaky clean, use an eyelash curler to curl your top natural lashes. Starting at the very base of your lashes curl in a 3 step process, roots, mid to ends. By curling your lashes first this makes the DIY lash application process much easier. Which you will see for yourself once you get started. 

Don’t forget to also brush your natural lashes in place using the Diamond Lash Spoolie. You are now ready to apply your gorgeous lashes.

Step #3 - Measure the lashes 

Check the length of the segmented lashes you’re using against your natural lashes for a superb placement. Be sure to trim off any excess lashes from the inner corners as well for a better fit if needed. You can also trim off any excess clean band as well if you require to do so. Just be careful not to trim off too much lash band.

Step #4 - Applying your lash glue

You have prepped and cleansed, and made sure your lashes are going to fit comfortably to your natural lashes. Here comes the fun part, it’s time to officially start gluing your segmented lashes into place.

The lash adhesive is a waterproof glue similar to eyelash extension glue. This glue is stronger than the popular strip lash glue, and much less sticky when working with it. 

The glue application is a two step process in which only the smallest amount of glue is needed each time. No need to be heavy handed with the glue, less is more.  When you are applying the glue use a micro wand applicator directly to the base of your natural lashes, and also the base of the lash segments. 

After the first application you will need to wait approximately 30 seconds for the glue to set, followed by a second coat. Following the same steps for the second coat, you will again need to wait for 30 seconds so that the glue can become tacky before applying the segmented lashes to the base of your lash line. 

Step #5 - Gluing the lashes on

Unlike regular falsies and magnetic lashes that are placed directly on top of our upper lashes, the DIY segmented lashes are actually applied to the underneath lash line of our top lashes.

Why are they applied underneath you ask? The reason that the DIY segmented lashes are applied to the underneath lash line of our top lashes is to give a real seamless and flawless blend to the look of your lashes. 

To make sure they are fitted on comfortably, you want to aim to have your lashes about 1-2 mm away from the base of your natural lashes. This assists in avoiding the lashes being felt by your eye, or the delicate skin surrounding your eye. By using the 1-2mm rule it allows you for longer lasting results.

Apply your desired lashes 1-2mm from the base of your natural lashes to your mid lashes. You can either use your fingers or the lash applicator tool to gently squeeze both your natural and the DIY lashes together, this ensures a better bond.

Once the lashes are on, to help speed up the drying process use a small hand-held fan or the cool low setting on a hairdryer to gently dry the lashes.

Step #6 - Apply the Sealant 

Once your lashes are dry it’s time to move onto the next step, which is applying a thin coat of the lash sealant. The sealant gives the lashes a long-lasting effect and also removes any tackiness of the glue. You can use some sealant on clean fingers to rub gently into any areas of stickiness if required.

diy lashes infographic


Step #7 - Start taking insta worthy selfies of your gorgeous new lashes

By using the Luviri DIY Lash Kits you will have beautiful long lasting lashes that can last 7-10 days with the proper aftercare. 

To ensure your lashes stay looking their very best make sure to cleanse them gently using Luviri’s Lash Cleanser every 1-2 days. Dry the lashes and gently brush them daily using the Diamond Lash Spoolie. This keeps them looking so fluffy and fresh you will have other babes wanting to know who your lash artist is and where you got your lash extensions done. 

How to remove your lashes;

One of the thighs that I love about the DIY lashes is the safe and easy lash removal. 

The removal process is very quick and when done correctly, it does not cause any damage to your natural lashes. Music to my ears.

Simply apply a thin layer of the “liquid removal serum” to the lashes and wait for 30 seconds, then you can gently remove them with clean fingers. You can repeat this step if required until all of the lashes are removed, and your natural lashes are clean of any traces of lash adhesive. 

How to clean your DIY lashes once removed;

Remove all traces of lash adhesive from your natural lashes the same way you prepped them. 

One pump of Luviri's Lash Cleanser. Using circular motions gently work the cleanser into your natural lashes with Luviri's Lash Cleansing Brush including your whole eye area. Rinse with water and repeat if needed, making sure your lashes are completely clean. You can also use Luviri’s Makeup Remover Pads - Sugar Puffs, to make sure all traces of glue have been successfully removed.

Clean the DIY segmented lashes the same way you clean your natural lashes. One pump of the Lash Cleanser used in conjunction with the Lash Cleansing Brush. After cleansing, rinse them well with water and allow them to air dry before correctly storing them back in their lash case.

Once the lashes are clean and dry they are ready to be reused again.

If you plan on being a lash Queen and using the DIY Lash Kits weekly, we do recommend adding a Lash Serum into your daily routine to help keep your natural lashes looking healthy and strong.   

If you want to become an at home lash artist, save your time and money by being able to do your very own lash extensions that you love, then you will no doubt fall head over heels in love with Luviri’s DIY Lash Kits. By following these easy lash application steps, you will see just how easy it is to create professional looking, long lasting lash designs. You will wonder how you ever lived without them.

We absolutely love seeing your lash mapping creations, so make sure you tag us in all your photos and videos for us to share with other DIY Lash Kit enthusiasts. 

Luviri co-founders,
Lis & Kirby x

lis & kirby from luviri

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