Get Glass Skin with this Ultimate Night Time Skincare Routine

Your skin is the largest organ in your body. It's also the one that people see first, so you want it to look its best. A good skin care routine can help you achieve that goal.

In my last blog, I showed you how to achieve beautiful glass skin with a rock solid morning skincare routine. Glass skin is a term for skin that looks so healthy, clear, and hydrated that it resembles a sheet of glass. 

Achieving glass skin requires a good skincare routine both morning and night in order to achieve and maintain clear, hydrated, and healthy skin.  Your nighttime routine should be focused on cleansing, exfoliating, and hydrating your skin so that it can repair itself overnight while you sleep.

Let's dive in!

Night time routine

Your Night Time Glass Skincare Routine

1 Start with a pre-cleanse

Yep, we did it in the morning and just like the cleanser we’re doing it again. Dust and pollution don’t go away at night so to stay on top of our sexy dewy skin we need to pre cleanse morning and night.

2. Move onto a deep cleanse

There are a lot of different components to a good skin care routine, but one of the most important is cleansing. Cleansing your skin gets rid of all the dirt, makeup, and other gunk that can clog your pores and cause breakouts. It's important to do this every night before you go to bed.

Get in and do that double cleanse. If you have makeup on it’s great to get in with the Luviri Sugar Puff - Makeup Remover Pads. They can be used with water alone or teamed up with your favourite cleanser. These are the Holy Grail of Makeup Remover Pads.


3. Tone your face

I use Environ Concentrated Alpha Hydroxy Toner

Like a mini peel to the face keeps me feeling obsessed. Sometimes I use this in the morning too, but mostly at night.

Environ inform us “this toner contains a high concentration of Glycolic Acid. It may assist in promoting the natural acid mantle of the skin and in encouraging exfoliation in the gentlest way possible to help refine the texture of the skin, resulting in skin that feels smoother and looking radiantly healthy”. 

 Environ skincare and moisturiser

4. Apply a booster

I use Environ Retinol Serum. This retinol comes in 2 levels and I notice a huge difference with my skin if I stop using this serum. Everyone needs Retinol serum added into their routine. I prefer to use at night. This retinol is specifically designed to help normalise the appearance of skin abnormalities and damage, and in promoting healthy-looking skin. What a little beauty!


 5. Nourish your eye skin for a good night's sleep

This step is super important because the skin around your eyes is delicate and needs extra care. I use Environ AVST Eye Gel. This eye gel contains a low concentration of Vitamin A and C, as well as antioxidants to help reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and puffiness around the eyes.

6. Moisturise before bed

My go-to night time moisturiser is Environ Vita-Antioxidant AVST Moisturiser 5 & Environ Vita Complex Super Moisturiser. I like to mix a bit of both in at night. Leaves your skin feeling absolutely hydrated. With Environ's mentioned benefits it’s a winner!

It's quickly absorbed, leaving the skin feeling smooth and comfortable. It helps to prevent a tight, dried-out sensation by restoring the natural moisture balance of your skin. Provides an exquisite, silky after-feel to your skin. 

 Moisturising cream

Bonus tips - my weekly add ons!

Throughout the week I like to boost my skin with the following:  

Sand & Sky - Australian Emu Apple Super Bounce Mask

I like to use this mask 1 to 2 times a week to help give my skin that bounce back. It smells great and leaves your skin feeling so hydrated and smooth afterwards.


Environ Alpha Hydroxy Night Cream

This is a great exfoliator to assist with the skins textural problems. Assisting with dehydrated skin with a smooth and soft feeling. I use this at night about 3 times a week and use before I do my night time face moisturiser.


Facials and Skin Treatments

I love a good facial, and the facials that I love most are the facials that get shit done, just like my skincare. Once a fortnight I will do a Microdermabrasion and Skin Peel. If I’m good, once a month I will even use a needle roller which punctures the horny layer of the epidermis which boosts your products to reach the lower depths of your skin. All of this face talk is really exciting, especially if you’re skin obsessed like I am.

Have you used any of these products or tried any of these facials? If so leave a comment below and let us know what you think and what your favourite products are to use to get your skin at its healthiest.

Next week, I'll show take you through the perfect nighttime routine for glass skin.

Stay tuned!

xoxo Lis Parsons


Luviri Cosmetics.

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Loved reading this blog. Ive learnt these steps and highly recommend booking in for a facial that requires a microdermabrasion. Implementing these core steps for my skin have definitly made my skin look more hydrated and nourished. After my facial cleanse I use the Luviri sugar puff which feels way better than a rough cloth on my skin.
Highly recommend this routine😊


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