How You Can Achieve The Perfect Cat-Eye Look With Luviri False Strip Lashes.

How You Can Achieve The Perfect Cat-Eye Look With Luviri False Strip Lashes.


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The cat eye is a timeless and classic style that has been a consistent trend for decades, and it's easy to see why. It upholds an ageless look which can be creatively combined with any desired makeup style. When you want to make a statement, the classic cat eye lashes will always be top of the lash game. They are bold, beautiful, and flaunt femininity.

Whether you are going out on a hot date or front and centre stage at your next event, they are the go-to look when choosing the best everyday false lashes for you. 

With Makeup Artists continuously recreating the beloved cat eye look on TikTok and Instagram, it’s not always as easy to achieve when you’re sitting behind the screen trying to follow along and wanting to pull your hair out. With that in mind we have put together an oh so easy and very achievable fool-proof method by using our DIY Lash Extensions. 

If you’re ready to get the perfect cat eye lash look, we will show you how to apply lashes on yourself with our easy to follow step by step guide.

The cat eye naturally creates a gorgeous elongated look, so it’s usually best suited for round, close-set or almond shaped eyes. However, if you’re a lover of the winged liner or smoked out edges the cat eye style can still be a look for you.

By using our do it yourself lash extensions it can be achieved with a technique known as lash mapping. If lash mapping is new to you, after following our guide you will be a lash mapping professional.

Lash mapping is the process of creating a blueprint for your lash extensions. This ensures that your lashes are symmetrical and perfectly tailored to your individual eye shape. Our lash artist Kirby will help you custom design your lash map into the perfect cat eye effect. 

The general outline for lash mapping the cat-eye look is to have your shortest lash extensions from the inner corner to the middle of your eye. The longest extensions go from the centre to almost the outer corner of your eyes to get that distinctive cat eye shape. This will give you a wide-eyed, sultry, and sexy look. When using our Kirby Synthetic Silk Lashes, the lash mapping is already done for you. What's even better is they are the highest quality false lashes Australia wide. 

For the classic eyelash extension cat eye look we can use both our Kirby Synthetic Silk False Lashes and our DIY Lash Extensions.

Step 1 - Cleanse Your Natural Lashes:

First we need to ensure that our eyelashes are clean and free from any makeup,

skincare and natural oils. Take one pump of our Foaming Lash & Brow Cleanser

onto a damp Sugar Puff reusable makeup remover pads, or Lash Cleansing Brush and start working it into your natural lashes. Rinse with water and allow your lashes to dry, repeat if necessary. We recommend repeating the process twice. The cleaner your lashes are the longer your do it yourself lash extensions will last. 

Step 2 - Prep The Lashes:

To prep your Kirby Lashes gently remove them from the lash tray using our Eyelash

Tweezers or our Lash Applicator tool. 

Remove any glue from the lash band and trim off any excess band from either the inner or outer corners of the lashes. 

Cut the Kirby Lashes into 3-4 mm segments. Be sure to place the cut lashes back

into the tray in the order they originally came in. Shortest lashes for the inner

corners and the longer lashes on the outer corners. For this reason it’s easier to do one lash at a time.

kirby false strip lashes being lash mapped

Now that our lashes are all prepped and ready to go it's time to start the application process.

Step 3 - Bond Application:

Now that your lashes are prepped it’s almost time to start the lash application.

There is really no right or wrong way to apply DIY Eyelash Extensions. You can

apply on top of your lashes or underneath. Apply however you feel comfortable and find it easier. At Luviri we recommend and prefer to apply underneath the natural lashes as it gives a significantly more seamless look to the eye shape. 


luviri DIY lash extension kits

 The Luviri Bond is applied with a micro mascara wand to ensure a light even coat on all your lashes. You want to apply about 1-2 mm away from your lash line to avoid your lashes becoming stuck together with the lower lashes. If this does happen no need to panic, simply pull the lashes very gently appart or apply the removal gel and start again. No stress.

Once you have one coat of the bond on, wait approximately 30 seconds and apply an additional 1-2 more coats. 

Step 4 - Segmented Lash Application:

Lash queen Kirby, suggests to “start with your outer corner lashes first, doing one eye at a time. This will make sure the bond stays tacky for a smooth application”. 

Take the lash segment with the longest lashes and apply a small amount of the bond to the lash band, gently pressing into the outer corner of your natural lashes. The lashes need to be applied 1-2mm away from the base of your natural lashes. The bottom of the lashes should sit in line with your eye shape. Pending your preferability, use either your lash applicator or your fingers, and gently press the lash segment into your natural lashes. Repeat this process for each of your lash segments. 

Hot tip - You may not need to use every lash segment. If you find the larger lash segments too hard to place, simply cut them smaller to fit your eye shape and length. Don’t be disheartened If you find the application is not perfect the first time around. Gently remove them and then try again. 

Step 5 - Apply The Sealant:

With the lash segments successfully applied and looking like the perfect lash doll, it’s time to apply the sealant.

You can apply using the sealants mascara wand applicator covering all of the lashes, and really focusing on where the bond was applied. Take your chosen lash application tool and gently squeeze the lash segments and your natural lashes together. 

Hot Tip - If you feel any stickiness apply more sealant to that area. 

Step 6 - Time To Admire Your Luscious Cat Eye Lashes:

We know what you’re thinking - “wow how easy and stress free was that!” To finish

off use a clean Diamond Lash Spoolie and gently run it through your new cat eye

lashes. If there are any clumps of bond in your lashes, take a small amount of the removal gel on the area and gently brush it out with your lash spoolie. 

luviri diamond lash spoolie

How To Maintain Your DIY Eyelash Extensions:

Like all eyelash extensions, it’s important to be gentle with your Do It Yourself Lash

Extensions. For any reason if you do have a lash fall out, you can apply a little more

bond to the lash segment, reapplying when needed. 

Be sure to give them a gentle brush daily when the lashes are dry to maintain that gorgeous fresh and fluffy lash extension look.

Removing Your DIY Lash Extensions:

Removing your eyelash extensions is a safe process, and it does not cause damage to your natural lashes. The removal process is also the easiest part with our do it yourself lash extension kits. 

Using the removal gel in your lash kit, apply gel to the areas where the bond was applied and gently wiggle the lashes to remove. Using your Lash and Brow

Cleanser on our holy grail Sugar Puff or by using our sparkly Lash Cleansing Brush

 gently wash away the removal gel. 

You will also need to clean your Luviri best everyday false lashes with our Lash and Brow Foaming Cleanser. Once they are clean and dry you can store them back in their lash trays or lash kits. All of Luviri’s fake lashes online are all reusable, which means that you can keep reapplying whenever you need. More bang for your buck!

The Final Takeaway:

If you are looking for that versatile, everlasting classic lash style, the cat eye lashes are the perfect solution for you. 

We have shown you just how easy it is to achieve using both of our DIY Lash

Extension Kit and Kirby Lashes. 

Make sure you watch Kirby’s tutorial so you can see the process.

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Luviri co-founders,

Lis & Kirby x

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