Collection: DIY Eyelash Extensions

Are expensive and tedious lash extension appointments getting in the way of you getting the long and luscious lashes you desire?

Do you find yourself yearning for that effortlessly glam look, but don't have the time or money to get there? Well, fortunately for you, here at Luviri we have the solution! 

Introducing our best DIY Eyelash Extension Kits - perfect for when you want that lash extension look without needing to make time for lengthy salon appointments, or having to spend a small fortune.

Our best eyelash extension kit for beginners are easy-to-use. Our kit contains everything you need to achieve beautiful lashes in just 10 minutes. 

With proper lash aftercare, our DIY lash extensions at home lashes can last up to 5+ days. Looking for an even stronger hold? Try our new 2-in-1 Bond and Sealant Duo. This waterproof, long lasting DIY lash extension adhesive can last up to 2 weeks!

You will be saying goodbye to your trusty mascara, and giving your lashes the volume and length they deserve - without breaking the bank or compromising your natural lashes. 

Did you know you can use our Synthetic Silk Lashes as your DIY Eyelash Extension Lashes? Simply cut the Falsies into 4-5 Segments and you're ready to go with a whole new look.