Luviri's In Depth Look Into The DIY Lash Extensions Application: Perfect For Beginners!

Luviri's In Depth Look Into The DIY Lash Extensions Application: Perfect For Beginners!

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By now you have probably seen at home eyelash extensions trending everywhere. Tik Tok, Facebook and Instagram have thousands of videos showing the application of these viral lashes, but are they really as easy to apply as the influencers make out? We have created a fool proof application process of DIY eyelashes in 10 easy steps. The hardest part about doing your own eyelash extensions is having to break up with your lash tech. Not only will these lash kits save you thousands of dollars and hours a year but will also help your eyelashes recover from any eyelash extension damage. They are completely safe when applied and removed correctly, and take under 15 minutes to do yourself in the comfort of your own home. So let's jump right in and see how easy it really is to do your own eyelash extensions at home. 

DIY lash extensions at home

Step One - Clean & Prep Your Lashes: 

Clean lashes thoroughly. For the best long lasting result lashes need to be completely free from all makeup moisturisers and oils. For the bond to adhere correctly to the natural lashes it is important to start with a clean base. This is so the bond can work its magic and last that 5-7 days after application. Using an oil free cleanser like our Foaming lash cleanser apply one pump to a damp cotton round or Sugar puff and gently wipe over the eyes. Remove any excess cleanser with a clean cotton round or Sugar puff. Repeat until all eye products are removed. 

Curl the lashes. Using a heated lash curler or curling tool gently curl your natural lashes as close to the base of your lashes as possible. This step is important as it makes the application of the DIY lash segments much easier. Having your lashes curled means you can see where to apply the DIY lashes 1-2 mm from the base of your natural lash. This step is not essential however it does make the process of application easier. Keep all your lashes in the same direction and the tips of your lashes out of the way from the bond. 

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Step Two - Apply Lashes:

Remove the lashes from the lash tray. Because the band of the DIY lashes is fine you need to take care when removing the DIY lashes from the packaging. You can remove the lashes by peeling the lash band (the bottom of the lashes) with tweezers or fingers and slowly pull away from the packaging. 

Trim the lashes. Lashes are not one size fits all you may have to make some adjustments to fit your eye shape. You can trim the lashes anywhere along the lash band to make them easier to apply or fit your eyes seamlessly. If you find the lash segments are too long to apply as one segment, trim them in half so you can get a closer application to the lash line. Our Lash segments are hand made and sometimes can have extra bands on the corners of the lashes. Simply trim any excess with scissors. 

diy lash segments

Step Three - Bonding: 

Apply the bond. You may choose to add an eye pad or tape to your bottom lashes to keep them from touching the bond. The bond is very sticky consistently and can grab onto those bottom lashes making it hard to separate when applying the lash segments.  The application of the bond to your natural lashes is important. You want to make sure you apply the bond  1-2 mm away from your lash line. The lash line is where your lashes grow from. This will avoid the lash application from being too low on the natural lashes and causing discomfort.  Apply the DIY Lash bond to one eye at a time, wait 15 seconds and reapply 2-3 coats 2-3 mm up your natural lash. You want to avoid applying the bond to the entire lash as this can cause your natural lashes to clump together. If you do apply the bond to part of the lash or skin you can use the removal gel on the area to gently wipe away the unwanted product.

diy lashes

Luviri's diy lash extension segments

Apply a small amount of bond to the top side of the segmented lash as close to the lash band as possible. You can choose to do this 1-3 times to ensure you get a good bond with your natural lashes. This step is also not necessary however does make the application of the segments easier and gives a longer lasting result. You will find you can apply the segments quicker by doing this step and the bond on the segments and your natural lashes fuse together quickly. It is almost like a magnetic effect as they are drawn together like magic. 

Apply the DIY lash segments. Using the application tool, hold the lash from the tips. Be sure that you have as much of the tips of the lashes as possible in the lash application tool for better control over the placement. I like to hold the lashes from the top at the same angle as I'm applying the lash. Making sure that the lash band is sitting flush with my lash line. Looking up into a mirror or even using your other hand to slightly lift your eyelid, place the segment 1-2 mm away from the base of your natural lashes. Make sure the lash band is in line with the natural curve of your eyelid. This can take a couple of tries to get used to. If you don't like the placement of the lash simply peel away from your natural lashes and try again. Applying the lashes underneath your natural lashes gives a really seamless result as you can not see the lash band at all while wearing the DIY Lashes. You can however apply the lashes to the top of your natural lashes if you find this easier. It will not affect the wear time of the DIY lash application in any way. 

diy lash extension segments

Once you are happy with the placement of your lash segment and it is 1-2mm away from your lash line gently use the application tool to tap the segments into your natural lashes. This doesn't need to be a perfect bond for now as we still need to apply the other segments. This is just so that the lash stays in place ready to be fused together at the end of the application. 

Repeat steps until all lash segments are applied. 

Fuse: Fuse the lashes together. This is a very important step to ensure you get the most wear out of your lashes. I like to add some sealant to the lash application tool to stop any stickiness and gently press your natural lashes in with the segments one by one. You need to make sure you have one side of the lash application tool on the top of your lashes and the other underneath. Fusing the lashes together makes sure that the segmented lashes are completely in contact with your natural lashes. Stopping any lifting or falling out of the segments. Squeeze each lash segment a few times to ensure they are completely fused together. 

Step Four - Sealant: 

Apply the sealant. Once you have completed both eyes wait 5-10 minutes to apply a coat of the sealant. The sealant creates a water resistant coating on the lash and removes any of the sticky residue left over from the bond application. You can be very generous with the sealant application as we want to ensure every part of the bond is covered. The sealant can also be used daily to remove any stickiness after showers. 

diy lashes

You're ready to go, your beautiful fluffy at home eyelash extensions are set in place for the next 5-7 days. Make sure to give them a gentle brush daily with the diamond lash spoolie to ensure they keep looking fresh especially after showers. Be gentle with the lashes you need to treat these babies with care. Just like you would professional eyelash extensions. Avoid swimming, excessive sweating with exercise and saunas while wearing lashes. These can break down the bond and cause the lashes to fall out prematurely. If you do get any fall out simply keep the lash segment, give them a wash in the foaming lash cleanser, wait for the segment to dry and reapply. It's that simple. No need to go into the salon for a lengthy and expensive refill appointment. It only takes seconds to make your DIY eyelash extensions look brand new again. Like with all our Luviri lashes these segmented lashes are reusable up to 20 times with proper care. You will be ditching your lash tech in no time once you see how simple and quick it is to apply your very own lashes at home. 

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