Collection: Luxury False Lashes

Level Up your Falsie Game

Our synthetic silk, false strip lashes are the ideal choice when choosing your perfect false eyelashes.

We think our Luviri Cosmetics are the best false eyelashes Australia has to offer (if we do say so ourselves 😉).  Our luxury false lashes are of the highest quality synthetic silk which is the closest cruelty-free, vegan lash fibre to real lash hair.

In fact, our silk lashes are so incredibly lightweight, they are not only comfortable enough to wear for long periods of time, but they’ll also give you a much more natural lash look than other false eyelashes on the market.

Why are our Synthetic False Lashes the best false lashes for everyday use?

When looked after, your Luviri silk falsies are guaranteed to look fabulous and can be reused up to 20+ times.

No matter what eye shape, size, or look you want to achieve, we’ve got you covered, explore our gorgeous range of silk lashes below.

Not sure which fake lashes to buy online?

Check out our Luviri Cosmetics videos and tutorials on Instagram and YouTube to help find the perfect lash for you. No other fake lashes website will bring you the same cruelty free quality as Luviri. 

Hot tip: For added volume and drama to your false lashes you can add mascara on top.

Luviri - the best false eyelashes in Australia...


If you have sensitive eyes or eye area we strongly recommend doing a patch test first.