Magnetic Lashes: An Alternative for Cancer Patients? Safety, Suitability and Performance

Magnetic Lashes: An Alternative for Cancer Patients? Safety, Suitability and Performance

In a world awash with conflicting information, it's crucial to shed light on our own Luviri false lashes, particularly our magnetic eyeliner lashes Australia. Through our valued collaboration with Rachel, the wonderful founder of New You Wigs, who has dedicated herself to assisting countless cancer patients primarily through her wig business, we've formed a lasting partnership. Rachel has consistently entrusted her clients to us at Luviri, recommending our range of best magnetic lashes Australia and lash kits. 

This partnership has enabled us to witness incredible success stories with our Luviri Magnetic & Invisible Magnetic Lashes.

Rachel from New You Wigs


To illustrate the transformative power of these lashes, consider the challenges faced by cancer patients undergoing different treatments. Radiation therapy can often lead to the permanent loss of eyelashes, while anti-cancer drug therapy may result in side effects like dry or pink eyes due to immune system suppression.


This is where Luviri's magnetic lashes step in as a fantastic alternative: 

During and after cancer treatments, patients often find their eyelashes becoming thinner or falling out completely. This is where Luviri's magnetic lashes step in as a fantastic alternative to traditional mascara. With our mess-free and secure magnetic pen eyeliner formula, not only are they effortless to apply, but they're also water-resistant.

While many of our clients have experienced incredible success with our magnetic lashes, we understand that they may not be suitable for everyone, as individual situations can vary. Comfort during magnetic lash application and wear is paramount.


For those seeking a natural magnetic lash look:

For those seeking a magnetic lashes natural look, applying the magnetic eyeliner close to the lash line and opting for styles like Linda, Sweet Baby J, or Lucy from our invisible magnetic lashes collection can work wonders. If you're aiming for fuller, more voluminous lashes with a fluttery flair, styles like Riot, Bon Bon, or Rachel might be your go-to choice.



One common misconception is that magnetic lashes can't deliver a natural look due to the use of a black magnetic pen liner. However, when you apply the liner closest to your lash line, it becomes virtually undetectable once the lashes are in place. The magnetic pen liner applicator provides the flexibility to create a thin or thick line according to your preference.



Our invisible magnetic lashes feature magnet fibers seamlessly woven into the lash band, ensuring no visible, heavy, or chunky magnets weigh down on your delicate eye area.

Even if you don't have a steady hand, fear not. You can apply the liner in thin, small segments, making any minor errors virtually invisible once the lashes are applied. The key is to keep the line thin, avoiding excess thickness or heaviness.

We love collaborations:

We love having the opportunity to collaborate closely with Rachel, CEO of New You Wigs, in providing a confidence-boosting eyelash alternative to those who need it most, even if it's a temporary solution.

If you're new to magnetic eyeliner lashes or want to refine your technique, we highly recommend checking out our tutorials. And if you ever need assistance in choosing the right lash styles, application techniques, or have any questions at all, don't hesitate to reach out to us directly. We're here to help you embrace your beauty with confidence.

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