The Real Reason Rachel From New You Wigs & Co Started Her Very Successful Wig Business

The Real Reason Rachel From New You Wigs & Co Started Her Very Successful Wig Business

Fake hair helped save my life…. 

Yep you read that right! My name is Rachel Frazer and I am the founding director and head stylist at New You Wigs & Co, located North Brisbane in sunny Queensland. 

Many years ago I ran a very corporate and highly successful financial planning business, so busy and in demand, top of all the ranks, so much so that it, along with a few other contributing factors, made me incredibly sick with various mental health conditions.

One day, in hope to rid myself of all the negative energy, I, like the iconic Britney Spears, shaved my head! 

I look at the photos of that infamous night and know exactly how she felt. After years and years of bleach, changing colours and thousands of dollars on extensions in and out constantly, my hair was gross and made me feel gross. I also felt like it was holding bad energy linked to the past, I wanted it gone. So on Australia Day 2017 with DMX playing in the background 🎶 ya’ll gone make me lose my mind, up in here, up in here 🎶 I did it! I shaved my head and hoped that it would fix all my problems! It did not!

I rocked it for a while, I wore bright lipstick and big sunglasses, but after a few weeks (few days!) I hated my reflection in the mirror. I hated that I felt like a boy, I didn’t feel attractive, it made me feel worse. Antidepressants had made me put on a lot of weight, I didn’t recognise myself and for those who knew me, it was a drastic change. It made me look exactly like how I was feeling on the inside. Very very sick. 

People treat you differently when you look sick.

Good hair is a sign of health and often wealth, affording trips to the hairdressers often and good products is a sure sign that you’re doing pretty damn good, and if your hair is naturally long, thick and shiny, well good for you! You won some sort of genetic lottery! It should be cherished! 

If you have lost hair due to medical reasons, people stare. I would like to assume that it’s with no bad intentions, but it’s uncomfortable. Whether it be a shaved head, pulled hair from anxiety conditions, alopecia or no hair from chemotherapy and other illnesses and medication, a woman with less than regular hair draws a lot of attention. People trying not to stare, side glances, children pointing and the worst of all, sympathy. Anyone going through a hard time generally wants people to just treat them normal. Not hear stories about some stranger they knew who tried “sunflower seeds” or “coffee enemas can help cancer?!!” or their Aunt who had the “exact same…she died, but you’ve got this” (insert eye roll and middle finger emoji).

So what does one do during the darkest stage of their life?

What do you do when you are so desperate to fight these illnesses and get back out there? Even just get out of bed and go get a coffee without some nosey parker asking why you have no hair? Fake it till you make it. Fake hair! WIGS! 

My Synthetic Lace Front Wigs helped save my life! That is a fact! I was so depressed, I was writing my will and I was planning ways to die, my depression turned into psychosis and it was telling me that I would not get better and there was only one way out. I could write a book about what happened next, but we are all here for the WIG content, not a DIY beat depression handbook, so back to it!

Today I’m here writing this happily from my bath, children running in and out of the bathroom filling my heart by annoying me in the sweetest ways, my beautiful husband is cooking dinner while I rest my feet after a big day in my salon. For a while there it was really bad and every day I’m so grateful I got better. I can’t tell you exactly how or what, even when it was that I got better, but there is definitely one thing I know that certainly did contribute to my health improving, and that was wearing lace front wigs. 

With the help of my sister who was much more experienced in hair than me, we started buying wigs online for me. Eventually when we found good ones, wow, just wow, I can remember the feeling so vividly. I was me again! I started to take more pride in my appearance again, little things like enjoying getting up knowing that I had my wig to put on, like a uniform, ready to face the day. 

At last, I felt attractive again.

My sex life improved, my marriage improved, my natural endorphins improved. It’s science! It’s biology! There is actual power in “look good, feel good”, and I am living breathing proof. 

I am in no way saying that you don’t need to go to treatment or therapy if you wear a wig! You still should go (LOL, of course) and see your doctor or therapist, but wear your wig to your appointment! I promise you, once you get the hang of them, you will love them. 

You will walk differently when you feel like you look good.

When you feel like you look good, and you feel like yourself again, it shows. You will glow, I see it in my clients every day. You will hold your head a little higher knowing that no one is staring at you, thinking you’re the walking dead! A good wig might even give you the confidence to go catch up with a friend, go for a walk, thus improving your mental and overall health. I know it sounds ridiculous but trust me I’ve been there, I know. There is magic in these synthetic crowns. 


So what exactly is a crown?

Crown: a circular ornamental headdress worn by a monarch as a symbol of authority, usually made of or decorated with precious metals and jewels, OR, also known as a GOOD WIG, but what about the other hair that can fall out when you're sick? 

Most chemotherapy patients will lose all body hair. Have you seen the Snapchat filters that take off your eyebrows, and you kind of look like a thumb? It’s a thing. Your eyebrows and eyelashes are the most underrated feature on your body. You don’t know how much they shape and frame your face until they’re gone. The Cancer Council suggests that women who lose their eyebrows during treatment get a wig with a fringe, as it helps hide the fact that you don’t have eyebrows. It’s a dramatic change in appearance without them, if you know, you know, and if you don’t know, it’s a privilege to not have to deal with hairloss. 

But what about eyelashes? Do they matter?

Yes, luxury false strip lashes, magnetic lashes, DIY eyelash extensions, they really do aid in enhancing your look. And let's be honest, strip lashes have been around forever! They are every girl’s best friend, nothing says “pretty” and “doe eyed goddess”, better then some ultra extra long dark lashes, and eyelash extensions have been a consistent growing trend for at least 10 years now. I remember during the lockdowns, sure it was hard not to go see my family and friends, but what about my lash extensions dammit! 

There is a reason why they are both so popular, it’s because our lashes are pretty. They make us feel feminine and sexy, they protect our eyes and amour us for big occasions, job interviews? Night out? Family photos? “pass me the mascara please!” 

Lashes are infamous for flirting, but when do we flirt?

When we feel happy and confident, sexy and fun. So what happens when you lose them? 

It can actually matter, a lot. It might seem vain and silly, and I write this with jest, but until you are the person staring in the mirror with not a single hair on your body, you don’t know the actual serious impact of hairloss and have no right to judge. I’ve seen women who have just had their breast removed, a double mastectomy to rid them of cancer, but all they want is their hair back. Their breasts they can hide, but they want their reflection and how they present to the world to look familiar. Insert life changing fake hair. 


I’m a force to be reckoned with when I put it all on!

I see it every single day in the salon, and I too personally, even as a mentally stable and healthy woman, still enjoy the fluttering of lush lashes and throwing on a gorgeous wig! Confidence is key! Don’t deny it, embrace it. If popping on a synthetic crown or slapping on some strip lashes makes YOU FEEL GOOD, then do it! And if you don’t know where to start, we are here to help! 

I am very passionate about what is best for my clients.

These women come to me whilst going through the hardest times of their life and trust me to guide them in the right direction. I am incredibly proud to recommend Luviri. I have personally seen the dramatic change in a woman's LIFE when the right wig & lashes come together.


If you have lost all of your lashes, the Luviri Magnetic Lashes are incredible!

Depending on your personal circumstance will depend on what Luviri lash I recommend to my clients. If you have lost all of your lashes, the magnetic strip lashes are incredible and so easy to apply on days when any level of effort is too much. If you still have your lashes and want a quick pick me up and extra glam for a night out or special occasion, Luviri has an extensive range of length and volume to suit everyone! Available solo or in lash kits.


Luviri's DIY Lash Extension range is a game changer!

No need to lay down for two hours in a salon and pay big bucks, you can achieve the look and wear for longer doing it all at home. 

If this article has sparked your interest and you would like to connect and find out more about  New You Lace Front Wigs Australia, you can find me via the links below!

Instagram: @newyouwigsco

Facebook: NewYouWigsCo

By New You Wigs & Co Founder

Rachel Frazer


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