Why You Need To Clean Your Lashes & Lash Extensions

Why You Need To Clean Your Lashes & Lash Extensions

Lash expert Kirby, reveals why you MUST clean your lash extensions and your natural lashes.

It's no secret that clean lashes are not only sexier, but they also last longer. Whether it’s false strip lashes, eyelash extensions or just keeping your natural lashes healthy, keeping your lashes clean is the number one key to keeping beautiful sexy and full lashes. 

Being a lash artist since 2008, it's safe to say I've seen my fair share of lashes over the years. I think it's pretty apparent most women love the look of long lush lashes. 

Once you become your own version of these lash goals, how do you keep them clean and looking their best? That's the question I get asked most in the salon and on hair and makeup shoots.

Healthy Lashes


 Why do you need to wash your lashes?

Our lashes are designed to keep our eyes safe and protected from the outside elements. These include dust, pollution, pollen, airborne dirt from entering the delicate eye area. Although we may not think lashes do a lot, they actually do get extremely dirty by the end of the day and their purpose is an important one. This is why it is paramount to maintain healthy natural lashes by washing them at the end of everyday.

Now for the real fun stuff, if you haven't already heard of “Lash Mites” before then you need to keep reading. These nasty little critters have the ability to haunt you forever. 

Lash Mites


Lash Mites are actually completely normal, and we all have a few of these microscopic mites living in our lash line. They are also known as Demodex Mites and usually only grow to be a 3rd of a millimetre long. They act as a natural cleansing around the lash line eating any build up of dead skin and oils. These lash mites are usually harmless however with improper lash care they can multiply rapidly causing severe eye irritation and other really nasty causes for concerns. 

With an overpopulation and infestation of Demodex it can cause irreparable and significant damage to your eyelashes, eyelids and even the glands in your eyelids. Untreated it can also lead into Rosacea on your face, styes and dry eye.


Mites On Lashes 

Some of the signs of excessive lash mites are:

  • Eye irritation like itching and burning
  • Eye sensitivity and visible red edges on your eyelids
  • Tube like dandruff around the lashes
  • Oil blockages near lash line
  • Eye pain and blurry vision

All these can be prevented by using a simple and easy lash cleansing routine. Our Lash care Bundle is perfect for this.

Otherwise the treatment for lash mites is either a cream or eye drops prescribed by your Doctor, combined with your daily lash cleansing routine.

How to care for your Luxury False Lashes.


False Strip Lashes


For all your falsies and false strip lashes, washing these types of lashes are key to keeping them looking fresh and new. This also helps to remove any dirt, pollens or oils that have built up on the lashes during the day. Oils and debris can break down the adhesives that hold the lashes together. They can also weigh the lashes down making them lose their curl and shape. 

How to keep your lash extensions looking fresh:

Eyelash extensions need to be cleaned at least once daily to help keep the natural lashes healthy to help with better lash retention. Eyelash extensions are applied to the lash about 1-2 mm away from the lash line. This makes the perfect pocket for natural oils, sweat and dead skin cells to hide. Sweat and oils are the 2 biggest enemies for lash achieve. They break down the adhesive  meaning you have a larger chance that your extensions will not last. Oil based makeups and skin care also play a huge role in bad lash retention. 

Your eye area is extremely delicate so making sure it stays clean means that it maintains the overall health of your eyes. It can also aid in preventing any infections, irritations and allergies. 

Eyelash Extensions

How to clean your luxury false lashes:

Keeping your best everyday false lashes clean has never been easier with our Luviri cleansing process.

If you are wearing our Luxury strip lashes and want to get 25+ uses out of one pair follow these steps for fluffy lashes that last.

Step one: Carefully remove the false strip lashes. This can be done by applying a cue tip dampened with some of our Lash cleanser and gently rubbing along the lash line to help lift the adhesive. Using clean hands or tweezers gently remove the Luxury False Lashes from the outer corner inwards.

Step 2: Using our crystal cleansing brush and one pump of the lash cleanser gently in circular motions give the fake lashes a good cleanse. Repeat if necessary. You can also soak the fake eyelashes in the foaming lash cleanser for a few minutes if needed.

Step 3: Rinse the Luviri false lashes Australia with cool water to remove all the cleanser

Step 4: Remove any old glue by using tweezers and gently pulling the old adhesive from the lash band.

Step 5: Brush out the lashes using our diamond lash spoolie and leave to air dry in the lash tray to maintain their style and shape.

Your Luviri luxury false lashes are now ready to be worn over and over again.


Lash cleanser


Cleaning your natural lashes with our Luviri Lash Cleanser

Step 1: Using a damp sugar puff remove any makeup from your skin. Our sugar puffs are made with a soft microfibre material that gives your skin a deep clean while still being soft and gentle. They are machine washable and can be used for up to 6 months at a time with proper care. 

Step 2: Using a pump of our foaming lash cleanser on either our sugar puffs or crystal lash cleansing brush gently rub over the lash line to remove every trace of makeup, oils, dirt and pollution from the day while still keeping the area hydrated. 

Step 3: Rinse with warm water and repeat if necessary.

Step 4: Apply your favourite skin care routine and apply a thin layer of Lash Rescue serum to your lash line to promote healthy lash growth. 

Lash extension cleansing steps:

Step 1: Apply one pump of the Luviri foaming lash Cleanser per eye.

Step 2: Using your crystal cleansing brush and downward strokes to work the foaming lash cleanser into your eyelash extensions. You need to be gentle but also make sure you get into the root area to ensure you remove all debris from the lash line.

Step 3: Rinse the area and repeat the first two steps.

Step 4: Using a hand held fan or hair dryer on a cool setting brush out the lashes using a diamond lash spoolie while fanning the lashes. 

Step 5: Apply a thin layer of the Lash Rescue serum to the lash line. This not only keeps the lashes healthy and promotes lash growth, it also prolongs the growth cycle meaning your lash extensions last much longer. 

Now you have clean healthy lashes you're ready to take on anything. Clean lashes are healthy and sexy lashes so by taking these quick extra steps in your selfcare routine, you can be assured in the long run your lashes will thank you for it. 

We would love for you to tag us in your videos using our LUVIRI lash care routine on social media. 

 Luviri co-founders,

Lis & Kirby x

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