How to choose the right style of false lashes for your eye shape! The 2023 ultimate guide!

How to choose the right style of false lashes for your eye shape! The 2023 ultimate guide!

Picking the perfect set of false strip lashes really comes down to your eye shape. We all have different and unique eyes. In this week’s latest news addition, we will show you how to achieve the perfect lash pick for you and your eye shape. 

There are no rules when it comes to choosing your favourite eyelash style, however if you are trying to alter the look of your eye shape there are some helpful tips and tricks you can use. 

Such as: If you have a rounded eye shape then you would choose a lash style that is heavier on the outer corners to elongate your eye area. If you have deep-set or heavy eyes, you would choose a lash style that’s longer and fuller on the centre of your eyes to really open them up. 

Find your eye shape in under 60 seconds: The only guide to finding your eye shape you'll ever need!

How to tell your eye shape with a mirror or your phone:

Don’t worry, this isn’t another boring tutorial on ‘how to take the perfect selfie’, it’s much better! We are going to share with you how to best determine your eye shape, and all you need is a mirror or your phone. Firstly, start by looking front-on in the mirror (or your phone), making sure your eyes are level, they’re open, and you’re looking forward.


Find your crease:

The Crease of your eye is the hollow part of your bone structure on top of your eyes. You will find for most people the eye has a fold or crease of skin in this area. If you don’t have much of a visible crease, or no crease at all and it appears to look flatter when your eyes are open, this means you have a ‘monolid’ eye shape. If your crease or skin fold is lower on the eyelid, you will have a ‘hooded’ eye shape. With both ‘hooded’ or ‘monolid’ eye shapes the lid appears smaller. An extra layer of skin can droop down onto the eyelid causing the eyelid to appear smaller.

Draw A Line: 

Try this: If you don’t have a ‘hooded’ or ‘monolid’ eye shape, look straight forward into a mirror and envision a straight line right in the middle of your pupil. Alternatively you can also take a photo of your eye looking straight forward and then draw a line in the middle of your pupil like we have done. If the outer corners of your eye are above the line you have ‘upturned’ eyes. If the outer corners of your eyes are below the line, you will have ‘downturned’ eyes.
If your eye sits perfectly in line with your pupil then you have ‘round’ or ‘almond’ shaped eyes. If you can see the whites of your eye above or below your iris, you have a ‘round’ shaped eye. Lastly, if you can only see the whites of your eye on either side of your iris, you will have ‘almond’ shaped eyes. 



Find how your eye sits:

If you haven’t been able to find the eye shape that best describes your eyes, there is still one more thing you can do. Take a photo of your face and measure the width of your eye and the width between your eyes. ‘Wide-set’ eyes will have a width between the two eyes larger than the width of one of your eyes. ‘Close-set’ eyes will be closer together than one width of your eye.  


How to style your eye shape:

Alright, so you’ve now found your eye shape and you’re ready to style them to absolute perfection! But which lash styles do you choose, and what lash styles are going to be best suited for your particular eye shape? We have the secret formula for your eye shape whether it is for the Best false eyelashes for a full glam look or best false lashes for everyday use. Keep reading because we keep spilling the secrets to make finding Luxury False Lashes oh so easy!

Monolid or Hooded Eye Shape:

With the four lash styles you will see they all have one thing in common, their combined long and short lash lengths which share the same layered lash placement.

Because these two eye shapes genuinely make the eyes appear smaller, they require a lash style that combines long and short lashes to create the illusion of depth, lashes that are longer in the center and taper at both ends. This will really open up the eyes for a brighter look.

The perfect styles for ‘monolid’ or ‘hooded’ eyes are our very own: DIY Lash Extension Kit Segmented Lashes, false strip lashes in styles Pretty Mess and Brooklyn False Strip Lashes, as well as our ‘LindaandBon Bon Magnetic Lashes.



Upturned Eye Shape:

With ‘upturned’ eye shapes we can add a bit of heaviness to the outer corner to weigh down the eye shape. These styles of Fake lashes  are usually referred to as the ‘cat eye’ shape as they emphasize the outer corners. The best everyday false lashes to look at for upturned eyes are our Luviri Miss Lis’, ‘Kirby’, ‘Lunar False Strip Lashes’, ‘DIY Lash Kits’, and ourSweet Baby J Magnetic Lashes.



Downturned Eye Shape: 

When choosing a lash style we want to avoid adding density and heaviness, as this will only highlight  the ‘downturned’ look. By lifting the eye shape in the middle it gives the illusion of an ‘almond’ shaped eye. Give your ‘downturned’ eyes a real eye lift with our: Luviri DIY Lash Extension Kits, ‘Pretty Mess’,  ‘Lovedrunk’ and ‘Famous Luxury False Lashes’, and ourLinda’ and ‘Lucy’  Magnetic lashes.



Round Eye Shape:

To enhance the depth of ‘Round’ eyes it’s best to avoid those thick lash styles that can make your eyes appear smaller, and instead look for lash styles that have longer lashes on the outer corners. Go for the winged and wispy false eyelashes. It will elongate the shape of the eyes to give off a slimmer appearance. The best lashes for this eye shape are our reusable eyelashes in styles: Lunar’, ‘Kirby’, ‘Miss Lis’, ‘Sassdoll’, our DIY lash kit lashes, andSweet Baby J Magnetic Lashes.


Almond Shaped Eyes:

If you have ‘almond’ shaped eyes you are very fortunate to have an all round adaptable eye shape. Blessed with a wide variety of fake eyelashes styles to choose from you can be as versatile as you want! Whether it’s a sexy cat eye effect, an open eye look or a pair of fluffy voluminous lashes, your style can be perfectly mixed.

For show-stopping drama ‘almond’ shaped eyes can be paired with our reusable luxury false lashes in styles: Rude’, ‘Sassdoll’, ‘Brooklyn’, ‘Miss Lis’, ‘Famous’, our DIY segmented lash extensions, and ourRiot invisible magnetic lashes, just to name a few.



Deep-Set or Protruding Eye Shape: 

If you have a ‘deep-set’ or ‘protruding’ eye shape, you may notice the highlighted brow bone due to the eyes being larger and set-in deeper into the skull. Ideally you want to keep the lash line light and avoid any darkness. The lashes should be determined by the eye shape, using lighter options like our Kirby’, ‘Lunar’, ‘DIY Lash Kits’, and our ‘Linda’ and ‘Lucy magnetic lashes. Our lashes will give you that touch of glam, without making your eyes appear larger. 



It's important to understand what eye shape you have so that your lashes can be used in the best way possible. Your recommended lash styles are just a guide, there are no rules on who needs to wear which type of Luviri’s best false eyelashes online, because everyone has their own personal style or makeup look they want to achieve when wearing them!

So, you're still not sure which style of lashes will best suit your eye shape or makeup look? Feel free to reach out with any questions or photos and we'll be happy to give you advice from our lash experts. Whether you're looking for dramatic lashes that will open up your eyes or something more natural, we have the perfect styles. So don't wait any longer and send us those photos!


Luviri co-founders,
Lis & Kirby x

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