A Step-by-Step Guide to Professional Makeup Application at Luviri

A Step-by-Step Guide to Professional Makeup Application at Luviri

An exclusive journey through a professional makeup application at Luviri. Discover the artistry behind enhancing your natural beauty and preparing for your special day with our expert tips and techniques.

Setting Expectations: Embrace Your Unique Look
Getting your makeup done professionally doesn't mean losing your identity. At Luviri, we strive to enhance your natural features without overloading with excessive makeup. Your preferences guide our artistry, so bring photos of what you love (and what you don't) to help us tailor the perfect look for your occasion.

Preparation is Key: Your Canvas Matters
Before your appointment, maintain a solid skincare routine. Hydration and exfoliation are vital for a flawless makeup application. The canvas (your face) needs the best care to ensure a stunning finish. Ensure all hair removal is done at least a few days before your appointment.

Airbrush Mastery: Flawless Finish, Lasting Beauty
At Luviri, we swear by the Element Two airbrush system for its unrivalled benefits. The silicone-based foundation used in airbrush makeup ensures long-lasting wear, flawless coverage, and a weightless feel. This technique is ideal for weddings, formals, and special events, ensuring your makeup lasts from dawn to dusk. We do recommend wearing button up or loose fitting clothes to make getting dressed easier after your makeup application.  

 Application Process: From Base to Lashes
Starting with skin prep and colour matching, we meticulously craft your makeup look. Brow sculpting, eye shadow primer, airbrush foundation, and the final touches of blush, bronzer, and powder, all play a part in sculpting your radiant appearance. Lashes, whether extensions or falsies, add that extra sparkle to your eyes and can be tailored to suit your desired style.

The Finishing Touches: Your Ultimate Glam
Before wrapping up, we ensure everything is impeccable. Touch-ups, a sample of your lip colour, to ensure you feel radiant and prepared for the event ahead. We also add a complementary makeup remover sugar puff to effortless remove your look after the event is finished. 

Luviri provides a personalized experience, ensuring you feel confident and radiant while embracing your unique beauty. Whether it's your first professional makeup application or a familiar experience, our goal is to create a look that perfectly complements your style and personality.

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