Best Lashes For Hooded Eyes: A Guide to Styling with Lashes

Best Lashes For Hooded Eyes: A Guide to Styling with Lashes

Hooded eyes, characterised by a deep crease and excess skin near the brow area, present a unique canvas for makeup enthusiasts. This eye shape often conceals much, if not all, of the eyelid or crease, giving the appearance of heavy eyelids. Whether you're born with hooded eyelids or develop them over time, understanding how to enhance this feature can elevate your makeup game to new heights.

Identifying Hooded Eyes

Do you struggle with excess skin on your upper eyelid, leading to smudged eye makeup and difficulty achieving a crisp eyeliner look? If so, you may have hooded eyes. Hooded eyes vary in appearance, ranging from pronounced drooping with significant skin folding to less visible eyelids when open. To determine if you have hooded eyes, examine your eyes straight on in a mirror. If you can't see much of your eyelid or notice skin folding over the lid, you likely have hooded eyes. Additionally, watch for:

- A subtle or absent eyelid crease.

- Eyes appearing smaller or more closed.

- Challenges with traditional eyeliner styles, such as winged liner.

Understanding your eye shape is the first step toward mastering makeup techniques tailored to enhance your natural features, and with hooded eyes, strategic lash application can make all the difference. Stay tuned for expert tips on styling hooded eyes with magnetic lashes!

Why Lash Selection Matters for Hooded Eyes

Choosing the right lash can significantly impact the appearance of hooded eyes. Since hooded eyes can appear heavy, it's essential to select lashes that create the illusion of lifted and awakened eyes. Opting for the correct lash style can elevate your overall look by enhancing the natural shape of your eyes without weighing them down further. Instead of accentuating the downward slope often associated with hooded eyes, the goal is to open up the eyes with strategically placed lashes.

When it comes to selecting the ideal lash style for hooded eyes, two options stand out: Dolly and Squirrel lashes. These styles are renowned for their natural, eye-opening effect, making them perfect for hooded eyes. Dolly lashes feature longer strands focused in the middle of the eyes, while Squirrel lashes taper longer just off-centre before tapering back down on the ends.

Additionally, consider opting for a C-Curl lash. This moderate curl offers a natural lift, perfect for hooded eyes. By opening up the eyes without appearing overly dramatic, the C-Curl complements the hooded eye shape beautifully, creating a refreshed and lifted appearance.

Best Magnetic Lash Options for Hooded Eyes

When it comes to finding the perfect magnetic lashes for hooded eyes, Luviri offers a range of options tailored to enhance your natural beauty and open up your gaze.

Magnetic lashes:

Linda Magnetic Lashes

Crafted with precision and elegance, our Linda Magnetic Lashes are designed to provide a seamless and natural look. These lashes feature a thin and robust clear lash band embedded with micro magnets, ensuring a secure fit without feeling heavy or cumbersome. With longer lashes in the centre, the Linda Lashes create an effortless "I'm not even trying" open-eye look, perfect for those who prefer a classic yet soft and feminine aesthetic. The size chart for the Linda lashes is as follows:

- Inner: 4mm

- Middle: 11mm

- Outer: 4mm

Lucy Magnetic Lashes

For a touch of glamour and sophistication, look no further than our Lucy Magnetic Lashes. Boasting a thin and sturdy clear lash band, the Lucy Lashes effortlessly enhance your eyes with their mid-glam fluttering effect. Featuring longer lashes in the middle, these lashes create the illusion of 3D eyelash extensions, adding depth and dimension to your look. The size chart for the Lucy lashes is as follows:

- Inner: 6mm

- Middle: 12mm

- Outer: 7mm

Riot Magnetic Lashes

If you're craving volume and length without the hassle of traditional eyelash extensions, our Riot Invisible Magnetic Lashes are the perfect choice. Made from luxurious silk fibres, these full and fluffy lashes offer invisible magnetic bands for a stronger, long-lasting hold. Say goodbye to clunky and visible magnetic lashes – our Riot lashes feature magnetic fibres seamlessly woven into the lash band, providing a natural look with lush, voluminous lashes. The size chart for the Riot lashes is as follows:

- Inner: 8mm

- Middle: 14mm

- Outer: 12mm

With Luviri's range of magnetic lashes, achieving stunning, hooded-eye-friendly looks has never been easier. Whether you prefer a natural, wispy look or bold, dramatic lashes, we have the perfect options to complement your unique style and elevate your beauty routine.

DIY Lashes for Hooded Eyes: Sweet Mama DIY Segmented Lashes

DIY Eyelash Segments:

Sweet Mama Lashes

Looking for a versatile and customizable lash option for your hooded eyes? Look no further than our Sweet Mama DIY Segmented Lashes. Designed to deliver drama without the weight, these lashes offer wispy volume and extra length in the centre, creating a mesmerizingly perfect look. The size chart for the Sweet Mama lashes is as follows:

- Inner: 7mm

- Middle: 13mm

- Outer: 10mm

New lash segments: 

Our new Delicate, Virgin, Crush, and Flossin lashes come with varying lengths, giving you the freedom to style them according to your preferences. Each pack contains 36 reusable lash segments, providing 2-4 applications, making them a sustainable and cost-effective choice. To style, simply place the longest 14mm length in the centre of your eye and taper down to the shortest on the outer corners. These DIY lashes feature our lightest and thinnest band yet, allowing for effortless customization of your lash style.

For everyday wear, use them with your regular strong-hold lash glue. For a longer-lasting hold of up to 2 weeks, try our Strong-Hold Duo Bond & Seal. The size chart for the Bond & Seal is as follows:

- First Row: 10mm

- Middle Row: 12mm

- Last Row: 14mm

With our DIY Segmented Lashes, achieving your desired lash look has never been easier. Whether you prefer a subtle enhancement or bold statement lashes, these customizable segments offer endless possibilities to elevate your eye makeup game.

Traditional False Eyelashes for Hooded Eyes:

When it comes to traditional false eyelashes, our synthetic silk strip lashes are the ultimate choice for enhancing your hooded eyes. At Luviri Cosmetics, we pride ourselves on offering the best false eyelashes Australia has to offer, crafted from the highest quality synthetic silk fibres that closely mimic real lash hair, all while being cruelty-free and vegan-friendly.

Brooklyn Luxury False Lashes:

For a dramatic and flirty lash look that's perfect for a night out, our Brooklyn Luxury False Lashes are the go-to choice. These lashes offer a wispy and tapered design to create a more open-eyed appearance, providing mid-volume, length, and curl for a captivating look.

Size Chart:

- Inner: 6mm

- Middle: 12mm

- Outer: 8mm

Pretty Mess Luxury False Lashes:

If you're a fan of our best-selling Brooklyn lashes, you'll adore our Pretty Mess Luxury False Lashes. These charming lashes offer a natural yet full and sexy look, perfect for everyday wear. Super soft, fluffy, and lightweight, they enhance your eyes without overwhelming them.

Size Chart:

- Inner: 7mm

- Middle: 11mm

- Outer: 8mm

Sassdoll Luxury False Lashes:

Our Sassdoll Luxury False Lashes are designed to add a touch of lengthy dramatic glamour to any makeup look in seconds. These lashes offer a fluttery and flattering appearance, with dense strands carefully crafted to create the perfect full lash effect.

Size Chart:

- Inner: 5mm

- Middle: 10mm

- Outer: 5mm

Famous Luxury False Lashes:

Captivate attention everywhere you go with our Famous Luxury False Lashes. Handmade with long, lightweight, crisscrossed strands, these bold lashes offer a glamorous look that's both fluffy and attention-grabbing, proving that glamour doesn't have to come at a cost.

Size Chart:

- Inner: 7mm

- Middle: 15mm

- Outer: 7mm

With our range of traditional false eyelashes, achieving your desired lash look for hooded eyes has never been easier. Whether you prefer a dramatic, flirty, natural, or glamorous appearance, our lashes are designed to enhance your unique beauty effortlessly.

In this comprehensive guide to styling hooded eyes with lashes, we explored everything you need to know about hooded eyes, including identifying them and understanding their unique characteristics. We delved into the importance of choosing the right lashes for hooded eyes, highlighting the features that make Luviri Magnetic Lashes stand out as the top choice. From discussing DIY lash options to traditional false eyelashes, we provided insights into the best lash styles for hooded eyes, ensuring you achieve a stunning look that complements your eye shape flawlessly. Whether you prefer magnetic lashes, DIY segments, or traditional falsies, this blog has covered all the bases to help you enhance your hooded eyes with confidence and style.

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