Get Creative with Luviri's Best Everyday False Lashes  | Luviri

Get Creative with Luviri's Best Everyday False Lashes  | Luviri

Lashes, lashes, and more lashes! We can never have enough of them. They complete our look and add that extra oomph to our eyes. And, if you're someone who loves to experiment with different lash styles, you'll be thrilled to know about Luviri's Individual Lash tray.

Luviri's Individual Lashes are the perfect addition to your makeup collection, allowing you to be creative with your lash look. And, the best part is that they're super easy to apply, even for beginners. So, let's dive in and see what makes these lashes the must-have item in your makeup kit.

They come with 60 gorgeous lashes, 20 of each size - short, medium, and long. This ensures that you have the perfect lash size to match your eye shape. These lashes are made of synthetic silk, making them lightweight and comfortable to wear throughout the day.

The Strong Hold Lash Adhesive ensures that your lashes stay in place, even during those hot and humid summer days. Plus, it is free of latex, making it suitable for sensitive skin types.

Create an undetectable, totally natural look with luviri's individual lash clusters. Discover why these lightweight and comfortable lashes are the perfect pick for your everyday beauty routine!

Best False Lashes for Everyday use - You won’t believe how easy they are to apply:

How to create the perfect lash look:

  1. Start at the outer counter of the  eye and work inwards
  1. Place a small dot of lash adhesive on the tray. You do not need a lot of lash glue when applying these lashes
  1. Dip the knotted end (base) of the lashes into the glue, just lightly covering the base
  1. With eyes closed, place individual lash as close to the natural lash line as possible

Unleash your creative side and make a bold statement this season! With Luviri's individual lashes, you'll transform your everyday look with lightweight, comfortable lashes that are perfect for any occasion which allow you to have full control over your eyelash look. You can use them to add just a little bit of length or volume to your natural lashes for an everyday look. Or, you can layer them up and create a more dramatic look for a night out.

But, why stop there? Get creative with your lash look by using these lashes as an everyday accessory. Use just a few individual lashes on the corner of your eyes or on your lower lash line for a subtle yet stunning effect.

You can even use these falsies with our DIY Lash bond and DIY Lash Sealant.  Do it yourself lash extensions are the perfect way to get 5+ days out of your lash look. Simply swap out the usual false lash glue with the DIY lash glue. After you are happy with your lash placement add some Sealant to the lashes. 

Discover the ultimate beauty secret for customising your lash look! Personalise your style with luviri’s lightweight and comfortable individual lashes. Craft a subtle length and volume so undetectable on the lash line, you’ll forget they’re even there!

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