How To Clean False Strip Lashes, DIY Eyelash Extensions & Lash Extensions CORRECTLY! 

How To Clean False Strip Lashes, DIY Eyelash Extensions & Lash Extensions CORRECTLY! 

False strip lashes are becoming a staple in everyone's makeup bags! Finding the perfect style to suit your face takes a lot of trial and error. There is no one size fits all fake eyelash style so when you find ‘The One’ or your ‘best everyday false lashes you need to learn how to make sure you can reuse them over and over again, while also making them look like you just took them fresh out the packaging. 

When caring for Luxury False Lashes it is best to avoid any products that contain oils. Oils can break down the adhesive that is used to fix the strip lashes into place on the lash band. So making sure you use an oil free cleanser designed for delicate eye areas is a must.  

Removing False Lashes:

When removing false eyelashes from your delicate eye area we need to avoid unnecessary tugging or pulling on the lashes and the skin. Simply removing your falsies from the skin can cause skin irritation, premature aging of the eye area and damage to your natural lashes. So ensuring we remove the lashes correctly will mean no irritation and less damage to the strip lashes shape.

If your finding the lash glue is stronger than your last relationship then our Foaming Lash and Brow Cleanser will be your new knight in shining armor. Simply add some of the cleanser to a cotton tip and glide along the false lash line to gently remove the false lash glue from your skin. Take your time with this step, being gentle is key when working around the eye area. Once you find you have removed most of the lash adhesive from the eyelid you can gently release the false lashes from the area. 

Once the false strip lashes have been removed you can go ahead with your normal skin care routine to remove any lash glue residue or makeup from the skin. We suggest pairing our Foaming Lash and Brow cleanser with our reusable makeup remover pads - Sugar Puffs, to get a deep clean and prep for your next skin care steps.

Cleaning your Luxury False Lashes:

Keeping your falsies looking brand new is so easy. In fact the hardest part of the cleaning process is trying to find them after a big night out. Get ready to take your lashes to their very own luxury spa day with our Lash and Brow Foaming Cleanser. Take one to two pumps on each lash and work from the lash band to the tips with your diamond lash spoolie or crystal lash cleansing brush. Be gentle when handling wet lashes. Rinse under clean, cool water and repeat if necessary. If there is any glue left on the lash band you can use a pair of tweezers or your fingers to gently pull it away from the band. 

Time to let these beauties air dry overnight in a safe place like their lash tray. You can also use a hair dryer or fan on a cool low setting to speed things up if needed. Be careful not to apply heat to the lashes. Because our luxury false lashes are set in place with heat, adding any more heat to the lash will make them lose their beautiful style and sexy lash curl. 

Once they are dry, take your diamond lash spoolie and gently brush the lashes into place and keep them stored in their lash tray until you're ready to reuse. Keeping them in their original lash tray helps keep the shape of the lash band and keep their flexibility on your next lash application. It also keeps them clean and dust free.

Cleaning your DIY Lashes Extensions:

DIY eyelash extensions kit‘s are taking over the lash game. Perfect for those who like to customise their lash look but don't have the time to reapply lashes daily, or spend hours in a salon every couple of weeks. Like eyelash extensions it is important to maintain great lash health by keeping the lashes clean. This keeps your eyes happy and your lashes looking light and fluffy. When Lashes come into contact with makeup, skin care or even water they can clump together. This is why it is important to give them some love every morning or night. 

While in the shower you can take a pump of our lash shampoo on each eye and with our cleansing brush, gently swipe over the lashes from root to tip. DIY lashes need gentle love and care to last so make sure you use a light hand when washing. 

Be sure to completely rinse all of the Lash Cleanser away with clean lukewarm or cool water. You do not want any residue left on the lashes as this can affect the longevity of your DIY individual lashes application.

Using a hand held fan or hair dryer on the lowest cool setting gently dry your lashes. Once completely dry use your Diamond Lash Spoolie to brush your lashes back into place. If you find any stickiness on the DIY lashes after washing apply a small amount of the Sealant to those places. 

How To Clean Your Eyelash Extensions:

Want to know what a lash tech's worst nightmare is? Dirty lashes! Not only do they make the job of applying lashes harder they actually play a huge part in lash retention and lash health. No one wants thick clumpy looking lashes. They can become painful over time as the lashes start to clump together and can cause a lot of irritation on the lash line. When the lash line isn't clean and healthy the lashes become weaker. Build up of makeup, dead skin cells, pollens and other pollutants get trapped in the eyelash extensions. This can also cause swelling of the eye area, ingrown eyelash growth and loss of natural lashes. To insure your decrease the risk of any of these conditions Lash Shampoo should become part of your daily routine. 

Taking one to two pumps of our Eyelash Extension Cleanser onto the crystal cleansing brush, gently work into the base of the eyelash extensions. Using light pressure and small circular motions, focusing on the root of the lashes and working your way slowly to the tips. Do the lashes in small sections slowly working across the eye area. Rinse with cool or lukewarm water. Repeat steps until all makeup, oils, debris is removed thoroughly.  Ensure that all Lash Extension Cleanser is removed thoroughly. Repeat steps to the other eye.

Once lashes are squeaky clean brush them out with your diamond lash spoolie and allow to air dry. To speed things up you can use a hand held fan on a low setting to dry while brushing the eyelash extensions or a low cool setting on your hair dryer. Brush your lashes into place as many times as you like during the day to keep them looking full and fluffy.

Our Foaming Lash and Brow wash is cruelty free and completely vegan. As well as being oil-free it is safe to use on any lash you desire. The perfect match for prepping any luxury false lashes or brow treatments in beauty salons, and the sting-free formula makes it a favourite among the lash community. 

Do you have a lash washing tip or trick we forgot to add in? Leave a comment below as we love hearing from you. 

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