Is It Bad to Do Your Own Eyelash Extensions? The Truth about DIY Lash Applications

Is It Bad to Do Your Own Eyelash Extensions? The Truth about DIY Lash Applications

In the ever-evolving world of beauty, lush, fluttery eyelashes have taken centre stage. They frame our eyes, make them pop, and add an undeniable touch of glamour. Eyelash extensions have become the go-to solution for achieving that sought-after look, but what happens when you decide to take matters into your own hands? Is it bad to do your own eyelash extensions? In this blog, we'll dive deep into the world of DIY lash applications and uncover the potential risks.

The DIY Lash Extension Trend

DIY eyelash extensions, often referred to as at-home lash extensions, are becoming increasingly popular. These kits typically include professional-grade lash glue, individual lashes, and applicators, allowing you to apply extensions on yourself in the comfort of your own home. They offer the allure of salon-quality lashes without the time and financial commitment of frequent salon visits.

The Safety Concerns

While DIY lash extensions can be an exciting endeavour, there are some critical safety concerns to address.

1. Professional Glue and Lashes Can Be Harmful

First and foremost, using professional-grade glue and lashes can be hazardous when not applied by a trained technician. The adhesive used in salons is potent and can cause chemical burns if it comes into contact with the open eye. This risk is significantly heightened when attempting a DIY application.

2.Risk of Permanent Damage

Another significant concern is the potential for permanent damage to the growth of your natural lashes. The eyelashes must be correctly isolated when applying extensions to prevent them from sticking together. Professional-grade glue typically dries hard and lacks flexibility. This can cause the lashes to fuse together, leading to them being pulled out from the root or snapped off while other lashes are still growing. This type of damage can result in uneven, sparse lashes and hinder the regrowth process.

The Luviri Solution

At Luviri, we understand the rising costs of beauty treatments and the growing trend of DIY beauty solutions. That's why we've developed a safe and user-friendly way to do your own eyelash extensions at home, ensuring that you can enjoy stunning lashes without compromising your safety or the health of your natural lashes.


The Gentle, Yet Strong Hold Lash Bond and Seal Duo

Our innovative Lash Bond and Seal Duo is specifically designed for at-home lash applications. What sets it apart is its gentle yet strong hold, making it safe for use with eyes open. Unlike traditional lash glues, our formula provides a flexible hold that prevents lashes from becoming fused or pulled from the root.


Quick and Easy Application

Time is precious, and we understand that. That's why our Lash Bond and Seal Duo offers the ultimate convenience, taking as little as 15 minutes for application in the comfort of your own home. You can achieve salon-worthy results without the time commitment or the need for professional assistance. You can find our step by step guide here.

The Verdict on DIY Eyelash Extensions

So, is it bad to do your own eyelash extensions? The answer largely depends on the products you use and the precautions you take. DIY lash applications with professional-grade glue and lashes can indeed pose risks, including chemical burns and permanent damage to your natural lashes. However, with the right tools and a safe, flexible hold adhesive like our Lash Bond and Seal Duo, DIY eyelash extensions become a viable, safe option.

The growing trend of DIY lash extensions in Australia has prompted us to provide a solution that puts your safety and the health of your natural lashes first. With Luviri, you can enjoy the beauty of at-home lash extensions without the fear of harm. Our easy-to-use, gentle yet strong hold adhesive ensures that you can achieve stunning, long-lasting results safely. 

If you're intrigued by the idea of DIY lash extensions and want to explore the best DIY lash extensions in Australia, discover the Luviri difference today. Gorgeous lashes can be yours without the risks when you choose the right products and follow safety guidelines.

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