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Strong-Hold 2-in-1 Duo Bond and Seal

Strong-Hold 2-in-1 Duo Bond and Seal

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Strong-Hold Bond & Sealant for DIY Lash Extensions

Introducing our game changing 2-in-1 DIY lash extensions Bond and Sealant. Experience the revolution with our innovative dual-ended applicator, guaranteeing precise and mess-free application. Achieve salon quality do-it-yourself lash extensions right at home with our ultra strong hold lash glue. Say goodbye to pricey salon visits as our new and improved eyelash adhesive formula ensures long-lasting results that can endure up to 2 weeks. The fast-drying and waterproof bond provides a secure and comfortable hold without compromising your natural lashes. No sticky residue, no discomfort, just pure lash perfection


Our bond comes with a curved tip wand for precise and user-friendly application. With it’s flexibility and thinner consistency, it packs an ultra-strong hold, ensuring your lash extensions stay in place longer than ever.


Applying the sealant is now easier than ever with the sponge tip micro spoolie application tool, ensuring even coverage even in hard-to-reach areas.

How To Use:

  1. Prep Your Natural Lashes: Start by using our Lash and Brow Cleanser. Apply one pump to either our Lash Cleansing Brush or a  wet Sugar Puff, to gently remove all traces of makeup and excess oils. This step is crucial for the best and long-lasting results. 
  1. Curl Your Natural Lashes: Use a lash curler to curl your natural lashes. This step makes the application process easier.
  1. Apply The Bond: Brush on a thin, even coat of bond under your natural lashes, making sure to brush only in one direction to prevent lashes from sticking together. We recommend applying it about 1-2mm from the base of your natural lashes. If you have thinner lashes you can apply two coats. You can also add some bond to the base of your DIY lashes.

Wait for 20-30 seconds until the Bond becomes tacky before you apply  your DIY lash segments at home.

  1. Apply your lashes: Using the lash applicator tool, gently apply each cluster underneath the base of your natural lashes, slightly away from your waterline to avoid possible irritation. Once applied, use the lash application tool to squeeze both the band and the strands of each segment with your natural lashes.
  1. Lock in the lashes: Wait 5-10 minutes for the bond to fuse together your lashes and the lash extensions. To remove any residue, apply a thin coat of sealant above and below lashes and wherever you feel excess stickiness.


How Long Do The Lash Extensions Last?

With proper care, our DIY lash extensions can last up to an impressive 7-14 days!

How do I care for my lash extensions?

We recommended a daily shampoo with our Foaming Lash and Brow Cleanser. This can be used with our Lash Cleansing Brush. Apply one pump and gently work into the lashes. Rinse and repeat if necessary. Wait for the lashes to become dry and brush with our diamond lash spoolie. Apply a little more sealant if any stickiness. 

Are they waterproof?

Yes, our DIY lash bond is waterproof. However we do recommend waiting at least 24 hours before showering or exposing your DIY eyelash extensions to steam. When washing your face or taking a shower, avoid splashing water directly onto the eyes.

Can I sleep with DIY individual lashes on?

Absolutely! You can sleep in the lashes, although we strongly advise sleeping face up to maintain the longevity of the do it yourself DIY lashes.


  • Do not use the product if the eye or eye area is injured, infected or irritated.
  • If any irritation occurs discontinue use and consult a physician promptly.
  • Avoid getting the bond or sealant into the eyes. In the event of direct contact, rinse with cool water.
  • Keep the product out of reach of children.
  • Replace the product after 3 months from first use.

Experience a game-changer in DIY lash extensions in Australia with our bond and sealant duo. Achieve stunning, long-lasting results effortlessly and comfortably, right from the convenience of your home. Elevate your lash game like never before by trying it now!


BOND: Acrylates copolymer, Aqua, CI77499, Vitamin E



Synthetic Silk

Care Instructions

For proper cleaning and longer-lasting wear, team up with ourFoaming Cleanser

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Customer Reviews

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Emma Bone
Best product!

This bond and seal is fantastic!! Absolutely love being able to do my lashes with ease. 10/10