Keep Your Lashes Clean For Better Retention: Luviri’s Lash Care Bundle

Keep Your Lashes Clean For Better Retention: Luviri’s Lash Care Bundle

Have you ever wondered why your lash extensions don’t last as long as they should? The answer is simple, you’re not keeping them clean!

When it comes to achieving your desired look, you know that lashes are quite simply the ultimate key for glam success. Whether you’re wearing extensions or your own natural set, clean best everyday false lashes are essential for better retention. Buildup of oil, skin, dirt and makeup on your natural lashes and eyelash extensions will cause premature shedding and can break down the adhesive or false lash glue. But let’s not forget why we have them in the first place! Our lashes are meant to catch debris to protect our eyes and our eyelashes do just that! 

Keep Your Lashes Clean for Optimal Retention:

lash care bundle

Luviri's Lash care Bundle

Now it's time to settle down with our ultra-luxe Lash Care Bundle. Keeping your lashes clean is key to better lash retention and healthier natural lashes. It's time to take your lash game up a notch! Do it yourself lash extensions & professional lash extensions are like the little black dress of beauty, always fashionable, and never out of style. But proper care is key to keep them clean for maximum glamour at all times! So let’s talk about why keeping your fake lashes clean is so important. 

The Main Function of Eyelashes:

The main function of our eyelashes is to protect our eyes from dust, sleep, dead skin cells and other debris that can enter the eye. Think of them like a filter, if they’re not kept clean then they won’t be able to do their job properly. Dirty eyelashes can lead to several problems such as Blepharitis, Styes, Conjunctivitis or even an infestation of the dreaded lash mites. Did you know that lash mites love eating away our dead skin cells, more build up means more lash mites which can turn into a nasty lash mite infestation. No thanks!

lash mites


Allergy sufferers may also find themselves more prone to irritation if they don't take care to keep their lashes clean. This applies whether you have lash extensions or best diy lash extensions or not. Regardless, everyone should adhere to good eye hygiene. 

Cleaning your lashes is key, so when it comes to cleaning your natural lashes or best false lashes for everyday use, make sure you use a gentle cleanser like our Foaming Lash & Brow Cleanser, it won't damage your natural or Synthetic Lashes. It can also be used gently near the root area of your lashes for nourishment and hydration. Be sure to avoid using oil-based products near your eyes as this can break down the adhesive that holds your lash extensions in place. 

lash spoolies

The Ultimate Lash Care Bundle

Time to Settle Down with Luxe Lashes:

Keeping your lashes clean is key to better lash retention and healthier natural lashes. With our Foaming Lash & Brow Cleanser, you can effortlessly remove any dirt and makeup residue that builds up throughout the day. For an added touch of glamour, we've included a sparkly Diamond Lash Spoolie & Lash Cleansing Brush in the bundle. 

Our best selling lash shampoo is the perfect way to keep your lashes clean and healthy. Just lather 1/2 pump of the cleanser from our easy-to-use foam cleanser bottle and apply it directly onto the back of your hand to get ready to use in conjunction with our lash brush. Gently massage the foam into your lashes using the brush and then rinse off with warm water. 

lash shampoo infographic


This velvety smooth cleanser can also be used on your brows for an extra boost in cleaning power, professionally in-salon or used as part of your at-home beauty routine. Removing dead skin cells and oil build up from around your brow area has never been easier with our cleanser and Diamond Lash Spoolie

Boost lash retention & income with the perfect retail aftercare kit:

Our sparkly lash spoolie is not just for cleaning purposes, it’s the perfect tool for brushing through those long, voluminous lashes after applying mascara, our DIY Lash Extensions, Magnetic Lashes and our luxury false strip lashes. Plus, it’s compact enough to fit into even the smallest makeup bags, so you can take this brush everywhere you go while also keeping fluff off your brush. The sparkly diamond lash spoolie is guaranteed to add a touch of glamour to your routine.

magnetic lashes and lash glue

Luviri's magnetic lashes, magnetic liner pen & strong hold lash glue


If you want to keep your classic lash extensions, volume lash extensions or hybrid lashes, our invisible magnetic lashes and strip lashes looking perfect between wearings, our Crystal Cleansing Brush is the ideal tool! Its gentle cleansing action will ensure that every one of your falsies looks fresh, no matter how often they get reused. Its ergonomic design fits perfectly into the palm of your hand so you can easily access even the most hard-to-reach areas in just seconds! Simply lather up the brush bristles with a gentle cleanser before gently working it through your lash line, making sure not to pull too hard or tug on any individual hairs. Then rinse off completely with warm water! 


foaming lash cleanser infographic

The best part of our cleanser? It's oil-free and alcohol-free so that you can still get that beautiful voluminous look without damaging your lashes in the process. Our cleanser is designed to be safe on both natural and synthetic eyelash extensions and won't leave an oily residue behind. 

Its gentle, nourishing formula won't irritate your eyes like other lash cleanser products on the market, plus it's packed full of natural nutrients & ingredients to promote lush and healthy lash growth. 

Our gentle lash shampoo will keep things fresh without a tear in sight:

  • It removes all traces of makeup 
  • Removes excess oils 
  • Stops lash mites & reduces lash mite infestations 
  • Cleans your range of false strip eyelashes 
  • Improves eyelash extension retention
  • Perfect eyelash extension wash
  • Velvety smooth, creamy texture lash shampoo
  • Vegan friendly 
  • pH balanced & gentle on your eye area
  • Oil-free & proudly Australian
  • Perfect in-salon pre treatment prep
  • Pairs perfectly with our Lash Cleansing brush


lash care bundle


Take Care of Your Natural Lashes:

It isn’t just about keeping your lash extensions clean, you also want to take care of your natural lashes so they too stay healthy.  Try using a lash serum once a day in order to keep natural lashes strong and healthy! 

Keeping those lashes clean for optimal lash retention:

Commit yourself to lush lashes that'll last by investing in our ultra-luxe Lash Care Bundle. You can have all of the tools necessary for long-lasting gorgeousness without having to worry about any damage or irritation caused by harsh chemicals or poor hygiene habits. 

lash spoolie and lash cleansing brush

luviri's diamond lash spoolie & lash cleansing brush

Cleaning your eyelashes regularly is key if you want beautiful long lasting results from whatever lash look you choose. With this bundle of products at your disposal, you can easily keep your DIY eyelashes & synthetic falsies looking fresh and fabulous all day long. Plus, since each product has been designed from vegan materials, you don't have to worry about any animal cruelty when using them either! 

Taking these steps now will help you maintain healthy natural lashes and keep any irritation at bay too so make sure you follow these tips for fabulous results every time!

Luviri co-founders,
Lis & Kirby x

lis and kirby

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