Keep Your Lashes Looking Fabulous with Our Lash Care Bundle | Luviri

Keep Your Lashes Looking Fabulous with Our Lash Care Bundle | Luviri

When it comes to your lashes, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best.

But how do you keep them looking fresh and new for longer? The answer is simple, keep them clean. That’s why we have created the ultimate lash care bundle that will guarantee beautiful, luscious lashes for days to weeks to even months! When visiting salons you want to ensure you get the best results that last. By maintaining a great before treatment and after care routine you will be amazed at how much longer your treatment results will last. 

Committing to our Lash Care Bundle is a no brainer!

Let's take a deeper look at why Luviri’s lash care bundle is a favourite among lash and brow artists and clients. Our lash care bundle includes our best-selling Foaming Lash & Brow Cleanser , sparkly Diamond Lash Spoolie & Lash Cleansing Brush. 

Our luxurious foaming Lash and Brow cleanser is a fan favourite among beauty therapists. It's no sting rich formula gives incredible results when removing makeup while keeping the lash health maintained. This cleanser is designed to gently remove build up on the lash and brows to extend the life of lash and brow treatments. It also promotes healthy lash growth by nourishing your hair while also being oil free and safe for false lashes and eyelash extensions. This versatile cleanser can also be used as an all over facial cleanser for all skin types and helps keep your false strip lashes looking brand new after use. 


Lash Cleansing Brush makes sure you stay looking fresh and fabulous. It features an ergonomic handle with soft bristles that are designed to remove dirt, oil, makeup residue, and other debris from each individual lash while being gentle on natural eyelashes. Plus, it comes with a sparkly  pink crystal filled handle design that adds a touch of glamour to every routine. After each use, rinse well and sanitise with brush cleanser or antibacterial soap. Air dry the brush with the bristles facing downwards to avoid water travelling up the handle of the brush. 


Our Diamond lash spoolie is a must have for anyone regularly getting lash or brow treatments. It is designed to not only be the cutest accessory in your bag, the clear travel tube keeps the brush clean from bacteria, dirt and dust so it is always ready to use when needed. Spoolies are washable. It is recommended to give a quick wash with antibacterial soap after use to help keep the spoolie as clean as possible while also stopping any eye irritations. 


How to get the best results without a Lash care bundle. Simply  lather 1/2 pump of Lash Shampoo onto the brush or directly to the area and use light circular motions to cleanse away makeup or any other impurities from your lashes or brows. Rinse with some clean water for a refreshed finish. Repeat the process if necessary to remove any build up in the area. Once the cleansing is complete brush hairs  carefully with our spoolie to have 'em looking like new!

When using our Luxury False Lashes, DIY eyelash extensions or Magnetic Lashes apply half a pump Foaming Lash Cleanser to each lash. If makeup, mascara or glue is heavy on the lashes, allow to soak in the cleanser for 3-5 minutes. Take your cleansing brush and gently work more product into the lashes from base to tip. Watch as the makeup just slips off the lashes like magic. Depending on how much build up is on the lashes repeat cleansing and rinsing until they are looking like new. Sometimes you may need to remove any excess strong hold lash glue with your fingers or tweezers. Gently pull away from the band making sure you do not remove the band from the false lashes. The band is at the base of the lashes and is what holds the lashes in place and in place to be sure to do this step carefully. Leave to air dry and brush with a spoolie once try. Pop them back into their lash packaging once dry to help maintain the shape of the lashes. 

Keeping your lashes looking fabulous has never been easier! With our ultra-luxe Lash Care Bundle, you can easily keep your eyelashes and brows looking beautiful and healthy while adding a bit of sparkle too. So go ahead... commit yourself to lush lashes that'll last! For salon owners and beauty therapists, this is an essential product if you want to ensure that your customers are taking good care of their eyelashes. If you are a salon owner, lash tech, or working in the beauty and hair industry we do have a wholesale program you can sign up for to give you the best prices to resell onto your clients after in salon treatments.  Invest in the perfect lash cleaning kit today—you won’t regret it!


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