Kirby’s Luviri Christmas Gift Guide: The Best Gift Ideas Around!

Kirby’s Luviri Christmas Gift Guide: The Best Gift Ideas Around!

It's that jolly time of the year again, and finding the perfect gift can be a delightful yet daunting task. Fret not, because at Luviri, we've curated the ultimate Christmas gift guide to cater to everyone’s preferences and budgets. From fabulous gift vouchers to tailored gift packs, we’ve got you covered this festive season.

Exfoliating Gloves: Soft Skin Essentials

Seeking an ideal Secret Santa present or hunting for a gift for a fake tan enthusiast? Look no further! Our black double-sided Exfoliating Gloves are a fabulous addition for both men and women who desire soft, flawless skin. These gloves, with their Terry towelling lining, offer a comfortable fit while effectively removing dead skin without any irritation. The water-activated viscose fabric glides effortlessly and visibly exfoliates, making it perfect for outdoor workers or tan prep aficionados. This little gem is a must-have stocking stuffer!

The Makeup Lover: Sustainable Beauty Saviour

We all have that friend who breezes through countless makeup wipes. What if you could save them money while being kind to their skin? Our Sugar Puff reusable makeup remover pads are machine washable and can replace up to 600 disposable wipes in a single pack. Crafted from gentle microfiber fabric, they effectively remove even waterproof makeup with a simple swipe. These pads can be tossed in the washing machine after use, offering up to six months of reusable bliss. They're even safe for use on delicate skin, making them an eco-friendly, wallet-friendly, and skin-friendly choice.

Eyelash Extension Addict: Lash Care Bundle Delight

For the eyelash extension or DIY lash enthusiasts, our Lash Care Bundle is the perfect gift. Complete with everything needed to keep lashes looking fresh and fabulous, it includes an Australian-made lash shampoo enriched with nourishing botanicals for clean yet healthy lashes. Paired with our crystal lash cleansing brush, it effortlessly removes dirt and makeup while being gentle around the sensitive eye area. Finish off with the Diamond Lash spoolie to fluff out the beautifully clean and healthy lashes, bringing them back to life.

The Beauty Guru: Glowing Skin Saviour

Unlock that perfect soft, glowing skin with our Skin Saver Bundle, featuring our best-selling products all in one package. Sugar puffs gently exfoliate the day away, paired with our foaming cleanser for a deeper clean. Throw in the Exfoliating Gloves to polish away dead skin build-up, revealing that beautiful, radiant skin. This trio of skincare essentials ensures your loved ones shine brighter than Christmas lights.

Lash Obsessed: DIY Eyelash Extension Marvel

The latest innovation in false lashes, DIY eyelash extensions, is here. Perfect for those allergic to lash extensions or simply looking to skip bi-weekly refill appointments. These lashes are the hottest product of 2023 and are sure to impress any recipient. Easy to use and reusable, they're the gift that keeps on giving, lasting up to two weeks.

Teenage Dream: Falsies For The Younger Set

False lashes are a teenage must-have. High-quality falsies that can be reused up to 20 times will give your teen the elegant touch they desire without straining the wallet. For lash beginners, our So Chic set has everything they need to kickstart their silk lash journey.

Dancing Queen: Festive Ponytail Frenzy

For your little one or the festival enthusiast on your Christmas list, our synthetic ombre ponytails are a must-have. Elevate any look instantly with these ponytail extensions, becoming the centre of attention at any event. Easy to use, reusable, and laced with a touch of tinsel for added glam.

As the holiday season draws near, we hope this guide aids you in choosing the perfect gifts for your loved ones. At Luviri, we’re here to make this festive season extra special. Happy gifting!


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