Luviri's Black Friday deals for VIP Subscribers!

Luviri's Black Friday deals for VIP Subscribers!

The Countdown Begins

Get ready to mark your calendars because the most awaited shopping extravaganza is just around the corner! Luviri is thrilled to unveil an exclusive Black Friday sale for our VIP email subscribers. This limited-time-only event promises unbeatable deals on our premium beauty products, with a jaw-dropping 40% off. It's our way of saying thank you to our loyal subscribers who have made Luviri the go-to destination for magnetic eyeliner lashes, exfoliating gloves, and more. Gear up for a shopping spree like never before!

Magnetic Magic Unleashed

Our Magnetic Eyeliner Lashes Australia collection is stealing the spotlight this Black Friday. Dive into a world of effortless beauty with our magnetic lashes, offering a quick and easy application that lasts all day. From natural everyday looks to dramatic evening glam, Luviri's magnetic lashes have you covered. Elevate your lash game this Black Friday and embrace the magnetic magic that has beauty enthusiasts buzzing.

Best Magnetic Lashes Australia - Unmatched Quality

At Luviri, we take pride in offering the best magnetic lashes in Australia. Our lashes are not just about style, they're a commitment to quality and comfort. Crafted from premium materials, our magnetic lashes ensure a lightweight and natural feel, providing the perfect blend of elegance and ease. This Black Friday, indulge in the luxury of Luviri's best magnetic lashes at an irresistible 40% off.

Exfoliating Delights - Best Body Exfoliator in Australia

Transition from lashes to lavish skin care as we introduce the best body exfoliator in Australia. Our exfoliating gloves are a game-changer, offering spa-quality exfoliation in the comfort of your home. Bid farewell to dull and tired skin as our exfoliating mitt rejuvenates and revitalises. This Black Friday, treat yourself to the luxury of the best body exfoliator, a perfect addition to your beauty ritual.

False Lashes Extravaganza - Best False Eyelashes Australia

For those seeking everyday glamour, our collection of the best false eyelashes in Australia is a dream come true. From false strip lashes to DIY lash extensions, Luviri has curated a range that caters to every style and occasion. Embrace the allure of false lashes that seamlessly blend with your natural beauty. Black Friday is your chance to stock up on the best false eyelashes for everyday use at an unbeatable price.


DIY Lash Extensions Australia - The Ultimate Glam Hack

Enter the realm of DIY lash extensions this Black Friday. Our at-home lash extensions kit is designed for beauty enthusiasts who love to take matters into their own hands. Explore the world of DIY eyelash extensions, where you are the artist creating your lash masterpiece. Elevate your lash game with ease and precision, all at an exclusive 40% off for our VIP email subscribers.


Reusable Revolution - Makeup Remover Pads Australia

Luviri is not just about enhancing beauty; it's about sustainability too. Our reusable makeup remover pads Australia collection is a testament to our commitment to the environment. This Black Friday, join the reusable revolution and say goodbye to single-use pads. Immerse yourself in guilt-free beauty routines with our eco-friendly makeup remover pads, now at an irresistible discount.

Ponytail Perfection - Hair Extension Ponytail

As we shift our focus to tresses, Luviri introduces the ultimate ponytail hair extensions. Achieve ponytail perfection effortlessly with our hair extension ponytails. Whether you're aiming for casual chic or red carpet glam, our ponytail hair extensions are the ideal accessory. Black Friday brings the perfect opportunity to upgrade your hairstyling game with our exclusive deals.

Bundle Bonanza - Best Exfoliating Gloves Australia & More

Why settle for one when you can have it all? Our Black Friday Bundle Bonanza is curated to offer the best value for our VIP subscribers. Mix and match your favourite Luviri products, from the best exfoliating gloves in Australia to magnetic lashes and beyond. Elevate your beauty routine with our thoughtfully curated bundles, each designed to pamper you from head to toe.

Act Fast - Limited Time Only!

As we wrap up this sneak peek into Luviri's Black Friday Bonanza, remember, this exclusive sale is for a limited time only or until stocks last. Our VIP email subscribers have the golden ticket to a 40% discount on all Luviri products. Act fast, mark your calendar, and get ready to indulge in beauty, glamour, and unmatched savings.

Glamour Awaits

Luviri's Black Friday Bonanza is more than a sale; it's an invitation to elevate your beauty routine. From magnetic eyeliner lashes to the best exfoliating gloves in Australia, our exclusive deals are crafted to make you feel like a beauty VIP. Subscribe here today and unlock the door to a world where glamour meets savings.

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