The Ultimate Dramatic Lashes

The Ultimate Dramatic Lashes

If a bold glam or carved out cut crease is more your style, then Luviri’s luxury lashes are definitely the lashes for you! If you're looking to get dolled up but don't want the hassle of long-term lash commitment, look no further! Mega volume false strip lashes give you all the definition and drama without ever having to worry about damaging your precious natural lashes. Plus no maintenance necessary, just pop 'em on when it's time to slay! So move over expensive lash extensions, if you want to get that wow factor with minimal effort and zero commitment that won’t blow your budget, our mega volume lashes are the answer.

Not everyone's natural lashes can support the weight of mega volume eyelash extensions, so strip lashes are the perfect way to bring out your inner renegade baddie without sacrificing your natural lashes. 

Did you know that no two eye shapes are the same. That's why at Luviri we designed a bold lash to fit and enhance all eye shapes. All of our lashes can be trimmed to fit your eye size without affecting your desired look. If you're after an extra thick outer corner simply attach the trimmed false eyelash to the end of the strip lashes. So you’re wondering which style is best suited for you and your besties? Let's dive in.

Dramatic lashes from the false strip lash family:

Rude False Strip Lashes :

Meet RUDE, the biggest and most baddest of the bunch. These lashes are not for the faint hearted, they're big, long and thick, guaranteed to turn heads wherever the night may take you. Originally created for creative makeup artists, these lashes have quickly become an absolute fan favourite. They may be the longest fake lashes in our range, but don’t be fooled. They are still extremely lightweight and incredibly comfortable to wear. The synthetic silk makes these lashes so full and fluffy without feeling like synthetic hair, while still maintaining durability. Are you ready to try the push up bra of lashes that boast the best length, fullness and curl all in one?

Size Chart:

  • Inner: 12mm
  • Middle: 15mm
  • Outer: 12mm

Best Suits: Our RUDE show-stopping falsies are perfect for elongating round, almond, downturned, hooded and deep-set eye shapes. 

Sassdoll False Strip Lashes

Are you ready to let your inner sass shine? Up your lash game and let those sassy eyes out! With Sassdoll false strip lashes, you can add a triple threat of glamour to any eye shape or makeup look. Whether it's wispy drama or full-on seduction, they've got the perfect packed curl that'll give you THAT special something. These luxury falsies provide the perfect balance of sultry volume and soft definition that give an incredibly chic look. Put on some Luviri Sassdoll lashes, trust us, this will be far from basic!

Size Chart:

  • Inner: 5mm
  • Middle: 10mm
  • Outer: 5mm

Best Suits: Our SASSDOLL show-stopping falsies are perfect for opening almond, hooded and deep-set eyes.

Lovedrunk False Strip Lashes

The lovechild of our Sassdoll and Rude, these intoxicating lashes are true showstoppers. With a true makeup moment, show off your skills with Luviri’s Lovedrunk lashes. The bold, wispy end lashes give a faux mink effect and make sure you don’t have to sacrifice the luxury look for guilt-free drama. It's perfect for beginners entering the brave world of a bold lash game!

Size Chart:

  • Inner: 7mm
  • Middle:14mm
  • Outer: 11mm

Best Suits: Our LOVEDRUNK show-stopping falsies are perfect for elongating round, almond, downturned, hooded and deep-set eye shapes.

Famous False Strip Lashes:

It's time for your red carpet close up. The most extreme open-eye lash style Luviri has designed. If you love the drama of lashes but don't want your eyes to feel heavy or closed in then these are your perfect match. Crisscrossed to add a touch of dramatic flair, be sure to capture everyone's attention while wearing these falsies.

Size Chart:

  • Inner: 7mm
  • Middle: 15mm
  • Outer: 7mm

Best Suits: Our FAMOUS show-stopping falsies are perfect for elongating almond, downturned, hooded and deep-set & close-set eye shapes.

Struggle with applying false strip lashes? Here are our alternatives:

Magnetic Eyelashes

If you find the traditional false strip lashes difficult to apply or get the hang off Luviri has you covered with our Magnetic Eyelashes. These lashes are so simple to apply you will be walking out the door in seconds. Simply apply 2-3 layers of Magnetic eyeliner pen to your lash line and watch as the magnetic lashes basically adhere themselves to the liner. If you were thinking we couldn't possibly have a dramatic magnetic lash style then think again out Bon Bon lashes from our Runway magnetic lash kit are the ideal lash for you. When purchased in the kit you have everything you need for the quickest easiest lash application with 2 styles of magnetic lashes. Bon Bon magnetic lashes suit almost every eye shape giving that opened eye effect while adding a luxurious feel. 

 Size Chart:

  • Inner: 7mm
  • Middle: 18mm
  • Outer: 7mm     


DIY Eyelash Extensions

If you have a little more lash experience up your belt and want your lashes to lash 5+ days then Bad Bish DIY Lashes are your new best friend. Our DIY lashes and recommended to be paired with our DIY bond. A new hybrid lash adhesive with the grip of eyelash extension glue and the flexibility of strip lash glue. These small segments are applied underneath the lash line for an undetected lash application that lasts. The bad bish diy lash segments are 12mm of D curl length that will have your friends guessing when you find the time for professional lash extensions. If you're after a little more Thickness these lashes can be doubled up stacked on top of the lash line to add more fullness. 

How to get the most out of your falsies:

Our luxury cruelty-free silk false lashes are designed to last. Each pair of our falsies can be reused up to 20+ times with proper aftercare. Aftercare is simple with our Lash Care Bundle

When the night is done and it’s time to remove your lashes, gently remove them by applying a small amount of foaming lash cleanser to a q-tip and run it across the lash band. This will gently weaken the strong hold lash glue from off the lash band. 

Using your fingers or our Lash Applicator tool, slowly pull the lashes away from your lash line starting from the inner corners. 

Once you have safely removed your falsies we highly recommend giving them a shampoo so they’re ready to be worn again for your next event. Using the lash cleansing brush and half a pump of the foaming lash cleanser, gently work into the lashes starting at the lash band to the tip. You may need to rinse and repeat this step if there is excess and left over traces of makeup. Any residual lash glue that may be left on the lash band can be gently pulled away with tweezers or your fingertips. It’s important to leave the lashes to dry overnight away from direct sunlight. Once your luxury falsies are properly dry, place it back into the original lash packaging to ensure your lashes stay clean and dust free, fresh and ready for your next lashing. 

Which dramatic lashes are you going to flaunt?

Luviri Lashes are handmade with synthetic silk fibres. These fibres are the closest to human hair while also being cruelty free and vegan. They are heat set into their unique designs which means even after being wet or washed they maintain their shape for up to 20 uses. The best false lashes on the market at the most affordable prices. 

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