What can make eyelash extensions fall out?: The Ultimate Guide to Preventing Eyelash Extension Fallout

What can make eyelash extensions fall out?: The Ultimate Guide to Preventing Eyelash Extension Fallout

Embarking on a journey to enhance your lashes is like venturing into a captivating story. However, understanding the elements that might lead to the premature departure of your eyelash extensions is crucial for maintaining that glamorous look. In this guide, we'll unravel the mysteries surrounding eyelash extension fallout, exploring factors ranging from the natural growth cycle to the impact of DIY lash extensions at home in Australia.

Natural Shedding and Extensions

Entering the world of eyelash extensions involves syncing with the natural growth cycle of your lashes. We'll delve into the art of natural shedding, understanding how extensions may fall out sooner if applied excessively, disrupting the delicate balance of natural lash strength.

Everyone has 3 growth stages to their lashes. Each stage happens at different times.

Anagen: is the active growth stage. You will notice this stage while wearing lash extensions as it will make your eyelash extension move up and grow out quicker then other extensions. Genuinely around 40% of your upper eye lashes are in this stage at one time.

Catagen: is the resting stage of growth. This happens when the hair has grown to its full length and stops growing but won't begin to shed. This stage can last up-to 3 weeks.

Telogen: This is when the lashes will start to shed and fall out. It is completely normal and has nothing to do with eyelash extensions. It simply means that a new hair is growing and pushing out the old Catagen hair.

Nurturing Your Extended Beauties

Proper aftercare is the cornerstone of a lasting lash extension affair. Inadequate aftercare may contribute to the accumulation of dead skin cells and makeup residue along the lash line. Neglecting the removal of daily sebum, dirt, and bacteria build-up on your lashes can jeopardise the strength of your extension adhesive, potentially resulting in premature lash shedding. A meticulous lash-cleansing routine is pivotal, enhancing both the retention and lasting allure of your voluminous and luscious lash line.

At Luviri, we prioritise lash care, which is why we've curated a comprehensive lash aftercare bundle. Designed to deliver the cleanest results, our bundle not only cleanses but also nurtures and enhances the health of your lashes. Our tear and oil-free lash shampoo formula is gentle enough for the most sensitive eyes while providing essential nourishment. Paired with our ultra-soft cleansing brush and spoolie for brushing when dry, this bundle ensures your lashes remain resilient, promoting lasting longevity like never before.

The Elements: Environmental Impact on Extensions

The environment plays a crucial role in the lifespan of your extensions. Uncover the effects of external factors like weather, heat, and humidity on the behaviour of lash extensions. We'll navigate through the challenges posed by various elements and offer solutions for maintaining lash longevity.
Heat and humidity play a huge role in lash retention. Entering a humid environment right after your lash appointment can disrupt the proper curing of extensions to your lashes. This means the bond between your natural lashes and the DIY or eyelash extensions will not be as strong or last as long as normal.

Windy conditions might lead to watery eyes, prompting excessive interference with your lashes as you wipe away tears. Every time you touch or wipe your eyes you are twisting and turning your lashes. This paired with the salt from your watering eyes can break down the bond causing your lashes to shed. 

Sweating due to heat can transfer natural oils onto your extensions. As these natural oils are similar to topical oils, they should be kept away from extensions to prevent breaking down the adhesive bond. If you can avoid excessive sweating this is best however we know especially if you live in Queesland like we do it's hard to avoid. So rinse your lashes as often as you can with clean water and ensure to shampoo morning and night.

Medical Conditions and Lash Health

Certain medical conditions and the health of your lashes. Conditions like Trichotillomania, Thyroid issues, and Alopecia Areata can influence lash growth, shedding, and overall lash health. Many over the counter vitamins and medications can also interfere with your lash extension retention. Some medications can increase hair growth or oils produced by the skin. Always make sure you check any of your medications before applying eyelash extensions whether it be by a professional or the at home eyelash extensions. 

Most eye drops will decrease the lash extension retention as they are made up of a saline base. Salt breaks down the bond and can increase your fall out. 

Classic vs. Hybrid vs. Volume: The Lash Equation

From Classic to Hybrid and Volume lashes. Understand how each style impacts the adherence and longevity of extensions.  Which one lasts the longest? There is absolutely no straightforward answer to this question. Every person's lashes are different in thickness length and how many lashes they have. This all plays a part in which lashes will last longer for you.  As a rule you never want to apply lashes that are too long to your natural lashes. Long lashes can create too much weight on the base of the lash and cause your lashes to twist and turn to hold the weight of the false lash. This in turn will mean your natural lashes will have a higher chance of snapping or shedding too early, leaving gaps in your lash line until the new growth stage restarts. 

If you have thinner or weaker lashes try a classic lash or one that will not weigh down your natural lashes too much. Start using a lash growth serum like Lash Rescue daily to help promote longer thicker lashes by increasing your lash growth cycle. 

The heavier the volume lash on your lashes the more likely if applied incorrectly will become unbonded with your natural lash. These volume lashes look amazing but take a lot of aftercare to maintain the lash health and keep them looking full and fluffy. Brushing your lashes constantly throughout the day to remove any dust or debris from the lashes is a must. Think of a shelf at home. The larger the shelf the more dust builds up quicker. 

With DIY Eyelash Extensions they are created with a lash segment that is flexible and attaches to more than one of your natural lashes. The bond used is also a flexible hold unlike that of Eyelash extensions done in salon. This means although they can’t last as long as traditional lashes they are much easier to take care of on a daily routine and can be removed safely and reapplied after a thorough cleansing at home. This gives your lashes time to breathe in between lash applications. And you can correctly assess which lashes will best suit your natural lash thickness and length every 2 weeks. Even though you need to reapply your lashes every 2 weeks it is still faster and cheaper then getting your 2-3 weekly infills in a salon. 

the 24-Hour Rule: Preserving the Perfect Lash Bond

Waiting 24 hours after a lash application is more than just a rule; it's a lash-saving ritual. While your lashes may feel dry within minutes, giving them the full 24 hours ensures they dry and adhere perfectly. During this crucial time, handle them with care to avoid unwanted oils and disturbances, securing the ideal lash placement. Embrace the 24-hour magic for lashes that stay stunning!

Healthy Sleep Habits

Maintaining perfect lashes even during your beauty sleep. Learn how sleeping positions can impact lash retention and how to enhance longevity with simple adjustments. Ditch side and face sleeping to prevent lashes from twisting into unnatural positions or, worse, snapping. Opt for a silk pillowcase or sleep mask to minimise friction if back sleeping isn't your go-to. 

The Art of Lash Preservation

Preserving the allure of your eyelash extensions is an art that combines understanding the natural make up of your lashes, embracing DIY extensions, and navigating the challenges posed by environmental factors. By decoding the enigma of eyelash extension fallout, you'll embark on a journey to maintain the captivating beauty of your lashes.
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