Collection: Your Favourite Falsies Accessories

Are you ready to Level Up your falsies game? 

We have everything you need to apply and care for your Luviri luxury false lashes.  

Strip False Lash Applicators

Get to lash Heaven faster with our professional Lash Applicator. 

Our handy little lash tool has been specifically designed to make applying false eyelashes effortlessly. With an easy grip hold you will have a seamless lash application in no time.

Eyelash Brushes

Diamonds are forever… and so are your beautiful lashes now thanks to our Crystal Lash Cleansing Brush.

This versatile beauty can be used as an at home lash care tool, whether it be for cleaning your lash extensions or maintaining proper aftercare of your Luviri strip lashes. It is also perfect for professional beauty treatments in salons.

Strip Lash Adhesives

Looking for a quick drying strip lash glue for sensitive eyes? Our Strong Hold Lash Glue is perfect for those with sensitive skin and eyes. Our non-sticky, stronghold formula is free from latex, formaldehyde and synthetic fragrances, so you can feel confident that your lashes will stay put all day long.

Eyelash Growth Serum

A super powered growth serum made from all natural ingredients! Lash Rescue will assist in lengthening, thickening and volumising your lashes as well as conditioning and restoring moisture. 

Eyelash Cleanser

Its gentle, nourishing formula won't irritate your eyes like other lash cleanser products on the market, plus it's packed full of natural nutrients & ingredients to promote lush and healthy lash growth. Time for some seriously stunning peepers.

Body Exfoliating Glove

Luviri's double-sided exfoliating glove is the ultimate scrubbing glove which leaves your skin feeling smooth and radiant. It also helps to reduce cellulite, unclog pores, reduce ingrown hairs and increase collagen production for a natural lift of the skin. This body scrubber leaves your skin silky smooth and is perfect for spray tanning. You will love the way our body exfoliator glove gently removes dead skin cells with no irritation or chemicals. Our double-sided exfoliating gloves are perfect for removing dead skin and hydrating your body. Made with premium materials, this body scrubber is perfect for any skin type.

Makeup Remover Pads

Not all makeup removers are created equal! So forget about those harsh, chemical-laden solutions and say hello to this gentle yet effective solution instead. Our reusable pad is the perfect way to cleanse your skin without compromising on results; plus it's eco-friendly so you can kiss guilt goodbye when using it every day. Go ahead - take that plunge into smooth exfoliated skin with our fabulous make up remover pads today!