False Strip Lashes vs Eyelash Extensions: How to choose

False Strip Lashes vs Eyelash Extensions: How to choose

Who doesn’t want thick, long, lush lashes? The kind you see your favourite celebrities and influencers effortlessly rocking. 

Here at Luviri we all know these impossibly perfect lashes are the key to any makeup look. And yet we're still on an endless quest to achieve that look that's blending in with the current trends.

Luviri False Strip Eyelashes
Luviri RUDE false eyelashes Australia


Women (and men) have been using false strip eyelashes online to enhance the appearance of makeup looks dating back to the age of the ancient Egyptians, who darkened their lashes with kohl. And while fashions have certainly changed over thousands of years, the trend of having beautiful lashes has never gone away.

It was a little over 100 years ago artificial fake lashes burst into the spotlight during the Golden Age of Hollywood. And since then, society has obsessed over achieving the impossibly long, fluttery lash look. Impossible being the key word, this looks was usually only obtainable by movie stars and celebrities.

But now we’re in the 21st century, technology has advanced enough for us simple folk to achieve our own Hollywood glam look. And we sure have a lot to choose from now ranging from best everyday false lashes, magnetic lashes and magnetic eyeliner lashes australia, and do it yourself lash extensions.

False eyelashes are big business. The industry was worth USD 1.1 billion in 2018, and looks to reach over USD 1.7 billion by 2023. That’s a lot of luxury false lashes! And there's a lot of brands, shapes, styles, and application options to choose from.

If you’re new to false lashes, or if you’ve tried one method and are curious if the grass is greener on the other eyelash, it’s a good idea to look into what type of false eyelash is best for you.

The ultimate false eyelash breakdown

Range of beautiful false strip lashes by Luviri

As makeup artists, we’ve applied hundreds (possibly thousands) of sets of both strip eyelashes and eyelash extensions to happy customers over the years.

We know all the pros and cons of having eyelash extensions vs. strip false eyelashes and we’re here to give you expert advice on what option is best for you.  

Let’s start by saying...

As experienced makeup artists and lash addicts: we believe both extensions and strip lashes can be an impressive addition to your usual makeup routine. There are no losers in this faceoff.

Both types of strip lashes and lash extensions come in a big range of looks, from dramatically long and thick, to the more subtle boost that still gives off the impression that you’re rocking what mother nature gave you. 

So, no matter which option you choose, so long as you’re using high-quality products, you’re going to adore the look your new lashes create for you.

luviri lashes and magnetic pen liner

So, if the result is the same, what’s the difference?

Aside from the obvious difference between false lashes and eyelash extensions, there’s a lot more to factor in when deciding which lash amplifying option is best for you.

Taking a step back, let’s look at what artificial eyelashes are actually made of. Some of these materials might surprise you.

Mink False Lashes

Mink lashes are what you probably think they are: mink fur. That’s the same little mink animal gets turned into a mink coat. We strongly believe this is a super unethical option. No animal suffering justifies a fluttery eyelash look. Many salons will disappointingly tell their customers that their mink is cruelty-free without getting into any specifics, because there is no known way to ethically remove fur from minks

(By the way, at Luviri, because we’re big fans of 100% cruelty free products, we don’t use mink in any of our materials, and our beauty products are not tested on animals.)

Human Hair False Lashes

That’s right, some false lashes are strands of actual human hair. This is absolutely a more ethical choice than mink lashes, but keep in mind: human hair is very soft and these lashes do not hold their shape like synthetic silk lashes. So, while human lashes can give off the same fluffy look as mink lashes, they are not as durable and are not suitable for multiple uses.

Synthetic Silk Lashes

Also known simply as silk lashes (natural silk is a rare option for lash material, it also doesn’t hold a lash shape well). Synthetic silk is 100% cruelty-free and holds its shape after many uses, making it an ideal material for false lashes. Synthetic silk lashes are a very popular cruelty-free option for both strip lashes or lash extensions.  

Now that you’re aware of the different products you can choose from when choosing your lashes, it’s time to decide if strip lashes or lash extensions are best for you.

Let’s look at the differences between the two options:

Eyelash Extensions

How do eyelash extensions work?

Eyelash extensions are little bundles of synthetic or mink hair glued together by a manufacturer and then applied to individual eyelashes along the top eyelid by an eyelash extension professional. This method allows for the artificial lashes to remain adhered to your natural individual eyelashes, until your natural eyelashes fall out.  

What’s great about eyelash extensions?

Arguably, the biggest appeal of eyelash extensions is their ability to last anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks. So rather than taking them off and at the end of your day, you wear them 24/7.  

Another handy benefit is not having to apply them yourself: you have a professional applying them for you, while you relax.

Extensions are no more or less natural looking than strip lashes, although a month-long commitment usually means customers will opt for a more natural looking lash.

segmented lashes for DIY lash extensions


What’s not so great about lash extensions?


Lash extensions, while beautiful, are very expensive compared to their strip lash sisters. Prices range from $85 to $400 for a full set. Oof! And, depending on what look you’re after, and biweekly refills start at $50. This hefty investment can be a tough hurdle to get over for a lot of lash lovers.

That ‘in between refills’ look. 

As your extensions fall out with your natural lashes, it can be noticeable.  When a lot of your lashes fall out before your refills are due, it can look. Bad.

Depending on how fast your natural eyelashes grow, you might have to get refills more frequently, leading to a greater cost for you.


Eyelash extensions are not a DIY option: they must be applied by an eyelash extension professional.

Getting a full set of extensions will take 2 to 3 hours, and biweekly refills are again another 1 to 2 hours. This can be enormous commitment if you’re time-poor.


Eyelash extensions are delicate. You need to be very careful with your daily routine, so you don’t damage them, or your own eyelashes, eyelids or eyes. They can’t get wet for 24 hours. You must be careful when you sleep so you don’t rub them off (you should sleep on your back only). If you pick at them or rub your eyelids, you’re at risk of rubbing them off and/or irritating your eyes.

What to look out for when buying

Never, ever get your eyelash extensions applied by anyone except a trusted lash tech professional. Yes, this will cost more, but you don’t want to risk damage or your lashes or, even worse, your eyes if you go with someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing.

Do your research and look at google reviews of eyelash extension professionals in your local area. Make sure they are using quality products to reduce your risk of having an allergic reaction to the lashes or lash adhesives.

Luviri_what are eyelash extensions


Eyelash Extension Alternative

DIY Eyelash Extensions:

By now you would have definitely seen at home eyelash extensions trending everywhere. Tik TokFacebook and Instagram have thousands of videos showing the application of these sexy viral lashes, but are they really as easy to apply as the influencers make out? Yes they are! And guess what, we have created a fool proof application process of DIY eyelashes in 10 easy steps. The hardest part about doing your own eyelash extensions is potentially having to break up with your professional lash tech. Not only will our do it yourself lash kits save you thousands of dollars and hours a year, but they will also help your eyelashes recover from any eyelash extension damage that may have occurred. Don't stress, because they are completely safe when applied and removed correctly, and take under 15 minutes to do it yourself, right in the comfort of your own home. 

DIY lash extension kits

Strip false lashes

The original falsies of the modern era, strip false lashes attach to the lash line of the top eyelid with lash adhesive and are designed for short-term use. The strips are usually synthetic silk lashes or mink lashes and, depending on the quality of the product. Strip false lashes range from single use only to products you can use up to 10 times.  

Why are strip lashes so popular? 

Strip lashes, such as our cruelty-free synthetic silk lashes (plug, plug), are hugely popular with makeup artists and everyday customers who are looking to boost their lash look. The lashes can either be subtle enough for everyday use or they can be explosively dramatic for special events and photo shoots.

What makes strip lashes a better option than eyelash extensions?

Strip lashes boast a few key benefits over lash extensions:


Strip false lashes don’t have to be inferior quality to be inexpensive. You can find a vast range of beautiful silk lashes that are durable enough to last up to ten times for under $10.

Easy application

Not just easy for makeup artists, even the newest of makeup newbies can apply lashes in just a few simple steps (check out our how-to video here). This single application takes only a couple of minutes (or less than a minute, if you’ve been doing this for a while) as part of a daily makeup routine. Being able to whack a couple of lashes on after you’ve applied your lippy is a tempting alternative to sitting in a beautician’s chairs for a few hours a month.  

Low maintenance

Once you’re done with your lashes for the day, you simply remove the strip and put it back in its box until you’re ready to use it again. It’s that easy. You don’t have to worry about rubbing them off in the shower while you exercise or when you’re asleep in bed.

What to look out for when you buy

Strip false lashes do range in price and quality. Inferior quality false lashes are only good for one or two uses and don’t look as good on you as their higher quality counterparts.

Lucky for you, high-quality silk lashes don’t have to be expensive. Luviri sells long-lasting, durable, cruelty-free lashes at very affordable prices. 

And then there are magnetic strip lashes…

Relatively new to the lash industry, magnetic lashes work in the same way as traditional strip false lash. 

Invented in 2014 by founder of One Two Cosmetics, Katy Stoka, magnetic lashes have gained momentum in the eyelash industry over the past few years. They come in the same milk lash or silk lash varieties, and like traditional strip false lashes, also offer a range of styles to suit different occasions and eye shapes.

Magnetic lashes work by using magnetic force to hold two strips of artificial lashes either side of your real eyelash. The aim of this is to eliminate need for lash adhesive.

At Luviri we are very excited to bring you high-quality, cruelty-free magnetic lash kits. We think you'll love them as much as we do. 

Magnetic lash kits
Luviri "Boujee" invisible magnetic lash kit


The ultimate falsie verdict?

You can achieve beautiful, luscious lashes using either best false lashes or eyelash extensions: so long as you use quality products. You can also get cruelty-free, high-quality lashes whether you go with extensions or strips.  

Lash extensions vs strip lashes comes down to:

  • budget
  • time, and
  • effort

Strip lashes are for you if:

  • You want an affordable, fabulous lashes at a low price
  • You like the idea of applying either traditional or magnetic lashes as part of your makeup routine
  • You don’t have hours each fortnight to dedicate to visiting a lash professional
  • You love the idea of taking your off at the end of the day
  • You love not having to worry about damaging them (or our natural eyelashes) while you sleep, shower or exercise

You should go with eyelash extensions if:

  • The expensive price tag is not an issue
  • You like having your lashes on 24/7
  • You have time to make frequent appointments with your eyelash extension professional
  • You don’t mind the maintenance that comes with taking care of eyelash extensions
  • You are ok with having some gaps in your lashes between refills

Get your synthetic silk strip lashes here!

If you’re like the hundreds of thousands of happy customers who love a good strip eyelash for everyday use or special occasions, Luviri has got you covered. We are very proud to offer 100% cruelty-free synthetic silk lashes in a range of beautiful styles.

We don’t just sell silk lashes. You can get all of your lash care products at Luviri, including lash adhesive, lashes brushes, foaming cleanser (good for our face and your lashes), makeup remover and gentle exfoliating mitts.

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Luviri co-founders,
Lis & Kirby x

lis and kirby

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