Pro Tips: How to Look and Feel Your Best on Your Wedding Day

Pro Tips: How to Look and Feel Your Best on Your Wedding Day

Whether you’ve been dreaming of it since your teenage years, or the thought just recently popped into your head, planning for your wedding day can be exciting! Of course, from booking a venue to researching floral arrangements; there’s so much to consider. But on this special day, what should not be overlooked is the importance of feeling and looking your best. The way in which you show up for yourself will be remembered by everyone who was there to celebrate with you, that’s why making sure that both you and your partner look and feel wonderful is essential! In this blog we will show you how to do exactly that in an effortless (yet charming) way. From hair and makeup, to facials and nails, we got you covered

Hair and Makeup:

Separate from the dress, one of the most important things for the wedding is your hair and makeup. You want to be glowing from within and glowing on the outside on your special day. Not all makeup artists and hair stylists can create your desired look so it is important to do your research on local artists. Some makeup artists specialize in full glam, some in bridal. It is important when choosing a makeup artist to ask for photos of their work and even qualifications. Just because someone says they are a makeup artist, doesn't mean they are qualified for the job at hand. Having those qualifications means you know the highest standards of work are being created. It also means they understand the quality control of health and safety standards. These are extremely important to help stop any cross contamination of products and tools used on the day from person to person. 

When choosing a hair stylist it is important to discuss the particular styles you have in mind for the day. Discussing your hair length, thickness and structure before the day with your stylist will eliminate any disappointment. They may require you to purchase hair extensions or request a specific hair cut to suit the hair style you are after. If you have curly hair and want a smooth upstyle there will be more work involved then if you come with straight hair. All this is important to discuss with your stylist to make sure things run smoothly and on time on the day. 

If you are planning on wearing  a wig for your wedding it is also important to do your research. With so many online wig vendors it is hard to know what you're purchasing. The photos online can be completely unrealistic and you don’t need to be disappointed on your big day. Finding a Wig expert even if they are in a different state can be daunting. You need to find someone you can trust. Our wig expert Rachel from New You Wigs & Co makes it her mission to source only the best hair. Lace Front wigs can be almost undetectable when worn correctly. This doesn't mean you need to spend thousands on a human hair lace front. The technology has come a long way with synthetic wigs and they can sometimes be better than real hair and last longer. If you have a wig expert near you, make a consultation and find your dream hair for your special day to wear with convenience.  

Having a hair and makeup trial is absolutely essential and comes highly recommended to make sure you're 100% happy on your wedding day, and you know exactly what is happening and so do your artists that you have chosen. Booking your hair and makeup trial on the weekend of your hens night or any other event you may have going, is a great opportunity to try your hair and makeup out. Having a trial means you can see how your hair holds, how the makeup wears during the event. If there are any concerns or changes that need to be made you can discuss with your artist and they can be corrected before the wedding date. Depending on your budget, you may like to trial a few artists and stylist’s before your big day. We recommend not leaving this until the last minute as this might put unnecessary stress on yourself before your big day. You want things to run as smoothly as possible, so by doing a trial you can be confident, secure and relaxed that your hair and makeup will last, and it’s exactly what you want.


Choosing the perfect eyelash extensions for your wedding day can be overwhelming since there are so many options available these days from silk lashes to mink lashes and more! When picking out your lashes, make sure they are lightweight wearing, yet still provide length and volume that complements your eye shape. Eyeshadow can get trapped in the extensions and cause fall out during the day if not completely removed. It can be difficult to remove all makeup from the eyelash extensions. They will not be as dark as strip lashes as you can not apply mascara on eyelash extensions. Speak to your makeup artist before your trial to ask if their eyelash extensions are something they work with as some artists prefer to use strip lashes. 

If you plan on wearing strip false eyelashes throughout the night of your wedding, make sure they're adhered with waterproof glue so they don’t become loose during all those happy tears! We have tried and tested our Strong Hold Lash glue to withstand the elements and tears. This bulletproof glue will have your lashes staying in place all night long. Choosing a lash style can be daunting. Discuss styles that will complement your look on the day with your makeup artist. If you need help choosing a lash style to suit your eye shape we have created the fool proof guide to make lash choosing an absolute breeze. Different lash shapes and styles complement different eye shapes. So make sure you pick one specific to your eye and face shape.

Magnetic eyeliner lashes are the quickest and easiest way to achieve your lash goals in seconds. With so many different styles to choose from, the possibilities are endless. Invisible magnetic lashes are now taking the lash world by storm creating a seamless application and hold with the magnet woven into the lash band. No more gaps between micro magnets. A stronger all day hold when paired up with our waterproof magnetic eyeliner pen. To apply silk magnetic lashes simply line the lid as close to where your natural lash line is or would be across the entire eye. Re-apply for a stronger hold and watch as your magnetic lashes adhere to the liner like magic. You do not need natural lashes to attach the magnetic lashes. They can not affect your natural lash growth and there is no pulling or tugging with removal. Perfect for those with sensitive eyes or who have any form of medical or non-medical hair-loss.

DIY eyelash extensions are another perfect way to ensure you have lush lashes on your big day. They are applied under your natural lashes, lasting 5+ days and are water resistant. This gives a seamless undetectable look and with them being so lightweight, you won't even realize you're wearing lashes at all! DIY lashes can take a few applications to get perfect so make sure you try them out prior to your big day. Once you perfect a DIY lash application you won't go back to any other style of lashes. They take only minutes to apply and save so much money on costly lash extension appointments. 

Spray Tans:

We all know how important it is to have a natural glow on our wedding day, but that doesn't mean baking in the sun for hours or using a tanning bed is a great idea. That's why a spray tan might be just what you need to get that gorgeous glow. A professional airbrush tan will give you an even, sun-kissed colour without having to worry about skin damage or tan lines. Plus, it's relatively inexpensive compared to other treatments and lasts much longer than self-tanning products. You need to make sure you get the spray tan done at least two days before the wedding day, so that it has had enough time to set in properly. Trialing a new spray tan is also a must. We recommend trialing at least 3 weeks before your big day. This gives you enough time to exfoliate all the old tan off ready for a fresh tan for your big day. 

Before getting a spray tan there are a few things you need to do to make sure your skin is prepped and ready. 

  1. Become best friends with your double-sided exfoliating mitt. You want to start exfoliating at least a week before your tanning appointment. This will remove any dead skin build up and create a beautiful flawless base for your tan. Using your body exfoliating gloves on damp skin gliding back and forth over the skin and watch as your dead skin rolls right off. For best results you should exfoliate at least 24 hours before your tanning appointment. Following after your tan you can start exfoliating around the 7 day mark to remove the colour gradually. 
  2. Hydrate that skin! To get the best possible tan you need to make sure your skin is nice and hydrated. Healthy skin will absorb the tan more evenly so if you are not already moisturising daily, start at least a week before your appointment. Make sure you pay extra attention to any dry areas like hands, feet, elbows and your knees. Be sure to avoid moisturising the day of your appointment, as too much moisturiser can cause a barrier causing the tan to not stick. If you still have any stubborn dry areas apply a light application of moisturiser to these areas before your tan. 
  3. All hair removal should be done at least 24 hours before. If you are waxing give your skin an extra 24 hours to completely settle before having a tan. Giving your skin 24 - 48 hours after hair removal allows the hair follicles to completely close. If you leave your hair removal until after your spray tan it can remove the colour in these areas. 
  4. Wash your hair the day before your appointment and avoid using any purple  or anti-dandruff shampoo after your tan, as this can change the colour of the tan.
  5. Avoid using oil based products the day before your tan and after your tan. Oil based products can create a barrier meaning the tan can not absorb into the skin and will not develop correctly. It also breaks down the colour if used after your tan.
  6. Come to your appointment with clean bare skin. You should avoid the use of any deodorants or perfumes on the day of your tan. This can cause the tan to turn green in these areas so it is best to come bare skin with light moisturiser over any dry areas. 
  7. Bring loose dark clothing. Ditch the bra and shoes if you can as this will stop any of the tan being removed in these places. You don’t want thong or bra line marks.

Looking after your tan is also important to make sure you get the most out of your colour. Your first shower should be a quick 60 rinse off. Try to avoid using any shampoo or body wash as this can affect the colour outcome. Your spray tan artist will explain how long you will need to keep the tan on before your first shower deepening on the solution used. In the first shower try using lukewarm water over your body until the water runs clear. You can use a light wash cloth to ensure all the bronzer is removed. Be sure to pat your skin dry and avoid any rubbing with towels as this can also remove the colour.

Tans can take 24 hours to fully develop into the beautiful bronzed colour. After your first shower you may feel like the tan is a little light. But rest assured by the next day you will be glowing. You can start moisturizing again and showering normally 24 hours post spray tan application. Try to avoid any oil based or exfoliating products until 7 days after your tan appointment. 


Pamper yourself pre-wedding with a facial. Facials can help improve your complexion by exfoliating dead skin cells, unclogging pores, and hydrating the skin. A professional facial treatment can also include massages which promote circulation and leave you feeling incredibly relaxed and rejuvenated for the big day! Having a smooth base pre-makeup really makes a difference on your big day.

Most facial treatments require at least 6 treatments for the best results. So start booking these early. If you have not used professional skin care products or treatments ,it can take a few treatments to get used to it. Book in with your local skin therapist for a consultation and speak to them about your skin care goals. They will give you a personalized treatment plan based on your skin and goals. Avoid changing your skin care routine and treatments close to your wedding as this can cause breakouts or skin irritation so by booking in for a series of treatments leading up to your wedding it is definitely recommended. Facials are definitely worth adding into your wedding day budget.

Hair Removal:

Let’s be honest, nobody wants to be hairy or prickly the day of their wedding. With so many different options available for hair removal it can be hard to know which option will suit you and your skin type best. Just like facials we recommend trialing different options at least 6 months before you say ‘I Do’. Guaranteeing no surprises the day before or hair removal nightmares. 


Waxing is a great option for hair removal as it removes the hair from the root and gives you longer lasting results. However it can come with some side effects. Redness and irritation can last days after a waxing appointment and it is important to always follow aftercare advice like exfoliating and moisturising daily. If you are prone to ingrown hairs you will need to be on top of exfoliating daily to prevent this from happening. Make sure you book your eyebrows and any facial waxing 3 days before your big day to allow for any redness to be completely gone. This also means a much smoother makeup application on the day. 

IPL or Laser Hair Removal:

Permanent hair reduction is a great way to remove unwanted hair for good. It slowly reduces the hair growth over time making the hair regrowth less, softer and thinner. You will need to book 8-12 sessions at least a month apart to get the best results. If you're planning on a beach honeymoon then you will need to make sure you have finished your treatments well in advance, allowing a year prior. IPL and Laser require you to steer clear of the sun and tanning as it can cause burns and scarring. For best results with these treatments your hair needs to be quite dark, therefore not being suitable for all hair types unfortunately.


It’s important to arrange a bridal consultation with an experienced nail artist to ensure you have the desired outcome. Bree from Riot Nails, an expert nail technician and educator, recommends bringing colour samples or material swatches to help. 

There are a number of different systems available to each person, depending on the level of art you require. Whether you prefer an acrylic reverse french, encapsulated design or whether you would like a soft gel extension adorn with Swarovski crystals? There is and can be a lot to think about with nail design. For wedding nails of your dreams a consultation booked a minimum of 2 weeks before your special day is generally recommended to ensure a complete safe and gentle removal of any nail bar products or any non standard beauty grade acrylic. This is to ensure there is no damage to your nails and your cuticles are looking their best for your wedding nail design.

If you are planning on booking your tan, it’s recommended to do this prior to your nail appointment, especially if you are preferring white nails or french, to keep them looking crisp and fresh.

There's no doubt that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. You want to look and feel your best, without spending a fortune or exhausting yourself in the process. Luckily, with a few simple treatments like spray tans and facials, you can look absolutely stunning on your big day. So take a few moments for yourself before saying "I do" and enjoy being pampered as much as possible, you deserve it!

Luviri co-founders,
Lis & Kirby x

lis & kirby


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