The Secret To Making Strip Lashes Look Like Lash Extensions: 2023 Ultimate Guide!

The Secret To Making Strip Lashes Look Like Lash Extensions: 2023 Ultimate Guide!

Is this you? Expensive & tedious lash extension appointments getting in the way of getting those long & luscious lashes you have always desired? Can’t guarantee you will have the regular funds to keep up with the costly and constant lash refills? Busy schedule also not allowing the time for the lengthy lash appointments?  

Well hold onto your panties ladies, because here at Luviri, we got the goods. The sexiest 3 little words you will ever hear... “DIY LASH EXTENSIONS”. Sorry, our bad. 4 little words... “LUVIRI'S DIY LASH EXTENSIONS”. 

lis with luviri DIY lash extensions kit for lash mapping

Lis from Luviri with the diy lash extensions kit, wearing Kirby lashes

The secret to making strip lashes look like lash extensions:

Here at Luviri we want to show you just how versatile our range of best false eyelashes are and how easy it is to apply them using our DIY Lash Extensions Kit, with a technique called “Lash Mapping”. You don’t have to limit yourself to using the pre-cut segmented lashes alone, our vegan synthetic silk fake lashes can be used equally to the segmented lashes. We want to encourage you to get creative with sexy fluffy lashes in the comfort of your own home, just like we are now doing on the regular. 

What is lash mapping & how can it help you? Mapping your lashes for the perfect look:

Lash mapping is the best way to customise your eyelash extensions, and the key to creating a set of eyelashes that will make you or your lash clients feel like royalty. The process starts by figuring out where you want them. It lets you plan which lengths, curls and thicknesses will create a set that's lash perfect, no matter what eye shape or natural lash volume. Then it's all about getting those luscious locks of luxury false lashes in place! 

Sounds easy right? You're probably thinking, "I'm not a makeup artist or a lash tech." Don't worry - we'll get you looking fabulous in no time. As a beginner all you need are Luviri’s best false eyelashes for everyday use, and our tips for success. Then it’s simply about placing each DIY individual lashes at just the right angle so they fan out like a pair or sexy Angel wings fresh off a Victoria Secret runway.

lash segments luviri for diy lash extensions and lash mapping

Luviri segmented lashes available in diy lash kits

Not confident on how to lash map your Luviri Falsies? Click the link and we’ll show you how with our ultimate step-by-step guide!

Strip Lashes vs. Segmented Lashes: What's the difference:

Segmented Lashes:

Lash segments are the new false lash trend in beauty, and they're all about precision. With their flexibility and ease of use, lash segments offer more control than traditional false strip lashes. They’re cut into 4 smaller parts, which make it easy for you to shape and create a unique look with precision - never before has there been such convenience! This makes them the perfect option for your at home DIY eyelash extensions, and when you do the DIY lash segments at home they will save you so much time! 

False Strip Lashes:

It's no surprise that strip lashes are by far the most popular false eyelashes on today’s market. They offer a natural and comfortable fit for any eye shape, making them perfect if you're looking to enhance your best features without going too overboard with makeup or adding too much drama in one go! They come in one size which can be fitted and trimmed to fit any eye shape, and are a pre-styled false eyelash which is applied to your entire top lash line with false lash glue or lash adhesive. 

Strip lashes are affordable, removable and can be reapplied at any time. They are easily applied at home and are simple to remove after your night out. Quality strip lashes like Luviri’s best false eyelashes, are lashes that are attached to a fabric band. They are handmade with love using the highest grade, feather-light synthetic silk, and wear the most comfortably.

luviri false strip lashes

Luviri's false strip lashes  

When it comes to the best false eyelashes australia (Luviri’s false strip lashes, obviously), they can be pre-cut into 4 segments with their varied length, shape and volume. When it comes to girls loving DIY lashes at home, segmented lashes are the best choice.

DIY Lash Extensions: are they really sleep proof:

DIY eyelash extensions kit works in the exact same way as your traditional lash extensions. So, sleep proofing is possible but you will still need to put some at home practices into it for best results! 

Are you a “sleep face down” kinda girl?

Well you won’t be anymore! The new trend in sleeping is all about side and back sleeping. Because of the friction from sleeping face down, it can cause the lashes to pull unevenly which gives an unnatural look for each eye and your lash extensions can end up curling. Yeah no thanks! If you know that this is undeniably inevitable, there are Lash Extension Sleep Masks that you wear while you're sleeping, which will keep even the most dedicated eyelash extension wearer well put together in bed. For the love of those crush-free and perfectly placed lashes every night!

cherry lips with sexy lashes with luviri diy lash extensions


How to apply DIY lashes - All you need to know about applying DIY eyelash extensions:

We know you love showing off your lashes, so why not do it in style? With the help of our DIY Lash Extensions Kit and some sexy synthetic silk false strip lashes (or even those segmented ones), anyone can achieve that fierce full look at home. These kits come with everything needed to create unforgettable styles for any occasion- just follow these easy steps!

Step 1 - Lash Prep:

Give your lashes a good clean to remove all traces of makeup, dirt and oils. Cleanse them with our specifically designed Foaming Lash Cleanser that will help keep your lash  application a smooth process for you! To ensure your lashes will better adhere, try our Lash Care Bundle.  Once your natural lashes are clean and dry, curl them with your lash curler

luviri lash care bundle

Luviri lash care bundle

Step 2 - Lash Mapping Your Segments:

Time to get lashes! Luviri's house of lash experts are here to help you find the perfect lash style for your eyes! As the co-founders of Luviri, we have the solution for your lash application that will make any eye shape look gorgeous and sultry - our Kirby Lashes

With care and precision, carefully remove your Kirby lashes from their tray. Cut each false strip lash into four equal parts with the shorter segments on the inner edge of your eye and the longer segments on the outer eye, for an even look that will make you feel like a chic goddess!

Luviri Kirby boxed lashes

Step 3: Time To Bond:

Holy smokes, you must be ready for the big leagues! Congratulations on lash mapping and pre-cutting your Kirby lashes into individual lash segments. Now it’s time to Bond. 

On the underpart of your top lashes apply a thin layer of bond focusing on the roots of your natural lashes. Apply 1-2 mm away from the roots and ¾ of the way up. Wait 50-60 seconds for the bond to start going tacky before applying your segments.

Luviri diy kit with bond, sealant, 2 styles lash segments with applicator

Step 4: Apply Lash Segments:

Using your Easy Grip Lash Applicator, start applying your lash segments from the outer and work your way to the inner part of your eye. For a natural and seamless finish we recommend applying your lash clusters underneath your natural lashes, avoiding your lash segments coming into contact with your waterline.

7 plus day diy lash application infographic applying lashes

Kirby from Luviri showing our diy lash application

Step 5: Fuse Lashes Together:

For better lash adhering, using your lash applicator gently clamp down and press together your DIY individual lash clusters into your natural lashes.

lis wearing kirby lashes that have been lash mapped with the luviri diy extensions kit

Lis from Luviri wearing lash mapped Kirby lashes with the luviri diy kit

Step 6: Apply The Sealant:

Once you have completed the lash fusion process, wait 10-15 minutes before applying the Sealant. This will allow time for your newly bonded lashes to cure and give them their best chance for a stronger and longer hold!

ultimate guide to applying luviri's diy lash extensions easy to follow infographic

Luviri's ultimate step-by-step guide to applying diy lash extensions 

At home lashes with professional results:

Now that we have shared our secrets, there is no need to be jealous, you too can be getting more bang for your buck! And not to rub it in, but with our recommended lash aftercare & home care, our DIY lash extensions can last up to 7-10 days!

So by now you're probably scrambling for that link so you too can start your lash extensions journey and reap in all the benefits like we are. Just in case you missed it, they can be purchased right here: DIY Lash Extension Kit.

Kirby strip lashes used with the diy extensions kit. Makeup by Luviri's Kirby

Before we bid adieu:

Our False Lashes are undeniably desirable, but they're not just for the bedroom! We have a wide variety of lashes for every occasion and purpose. Our extensive range of false strip lashes are so versatile and are incredibly easy to apply with our DIY Lash Extensions Kits. You can use them equally alongside our segmented or individual flirty synthetic silk styles; it's your choice whether you want something full on sexy, pinup-inspired style or a seductive cat eye - whatever tickles that fancy at any given moment. We want you to feel free in your creative expression, so we have provided the tools so everyone can create their own lash look, with a fashionable kit that includes everything you need.

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It doesn't matter what type of makeup skills are currently status quo because Luviri is everyday, all day, anywhere, anytime! 

Happy lashing beauties!

Luviri co-founders,

Lis & Kirby x


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