Magnetic Lashes Made Easy: How to apply magnetic lashes in 3 easy steps 2024!

Magnetic Lashes Made Easy: How to apply magnetic lashes in 3 easy steps 2024!

Ladies, let's face it. We all want long, lush eyelashes that make us look irresistible. While mascara and falsies can give us some of these fabulously dramatic lashes we crave, the truth is that applying them can be messy and take forever. Leave the fuss behind - because magnetic lashes are here! 

Are you sick and tired of dealing with messy glues when applying false eyelashes? Then it's time to try a life-changing alternative, Luviri’s magnetic lashes and invisible magnetic lashes. Magnetic lashes provide all the glamour without the hassle and mess, allowing you to transform your look the easiest way. With no fear of messy glue seeping into your eyes and no need for fiddly lash clusters and strip lashes, magnetic lashes are set to become your go-to beauty accessory for glamorous nights or everyday convenience. Keep reading for our step-by-step guide on how to apply them like a pro with minimal fuss!

At Luviri, we provide an innovative way to apply your magnetic lashes Australia, and best of all…No more glue, no more mess! In just three easy steps, you can have beautiful and dramatic lashes that will last all day long. Plus, the magnetic eyeliner pen makes application quick and easy. Let's take a look at how to apply Luviri magnetic lashes in three simple steps!

*Luviri invisible magnetic lashes & magnetic pen liner

The easiest way to get long, lush lashes!

  • STEP 1: Apply 2-3 coats of the magnetic liner, letting the liner dry for 10-15 seconds between coats.
  • TIP: Apply the magnetic liner close to your lash line and apply as thick as the magnetic lash band.
  • STEP 2: Essential to place magnetic lashes onto the magnetic liner while the liner is still wet.
  • TIP: Press lashes firmly onto the magnetic liner for a secure fit. Using a lash applicator tool, gently press lashes together for a seamless look.
  • STEP 3: To safely remove lashes, gently pull lashes from the outer corner of the eye. 
  • TIP: Use our Foaming Cleanser & Sugar Puffs to remove any remaining liner on the skin.

How to clean your best fake lashes: To reuse, cleanse your magnetic lashes using our foaming cleanser & lash cleansing brush. Rinse well & leave in their lash tray to dry. This will ensure the lashes keep their style & shape.

TIP: Store your magnetic liner pen facing down to prevent the liner from drying.

Removal: To remove your magnetic lashes, gently pull them from the inner or outer corners of your eye. You can also use our foaming Lash Cleanser and our Sugar Puffs, our reusable makeup remover pads, to remove all traces of the magnetic eyeliner that might be left on the skin.

lash care bundle
Luviri Lash Care Bundle

The best way to add length and volume to your lashes.

As with all of our Luviri products, we recommend doing a patch test behind the ear, or the inside of your elbow. Applying a little of the adhesive and leaving for 24 hours. Especially if you have sensitive skin. If you have any redness or any irritation, discontinue use.

magnetic eyeliner pen

Luviri Magnetic Lashes Australia offers a wide range of beautiful synthetic silk lashes. With magnetic technology, our lashes are easy to apply and can be worn all day long!

Have you tried our Luviri magnetic lashes yet? Let us know in the comments below! And be sure to check out our full range of luxury false eyelashes, our DIY eyelash extensions, best magnetic lashes Australia, invisible magnetic lashes, and finally, our gorgeous lash and body accessories.

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