Polished Up: Luviri's Latest False Strip Lashes

Polished Up: Luviri's Latest False Strip Lashes

Polished Lashes, Luviri's Latest Lash Drop!

If you’re looking for a way to amplify your eyes and get that perfect glam look, the best false lashes for everyday use are the answer. And when it comes to classic fake lashes, Luviri is well known and established for having the best everyday false lashes and best vegan synthetic silk fake lashes online. Read on to learn more about why these are the perfect choice for anyone looking for a refined, Polished look. 

luviri false strip lashes lovedrunk

Luviri false strip lashes, lash style "Lovedrunk"

What Makes Polished Lashes So Special:

Polished False Strip Lashes from Luviri are wispy and fluffy, with short and long lashes criss-crossed together with a black liner bond to help naturally enhance your look. The delicate balance of length and fullness make these the perfect choice for any special occasion - from date night to weddings. The ultimate pick for wedding makeup looks, especially for the mother of the bride! Plus they come pre-curved so you don't have to worry about getting them to fit perfectly against your lid! 

polished banner
Sultry cat-eye polished false strip lashes

These gorgeous eyelashes come in a sexy sultry lash look with lashes that are short and medium in length, to give you the perfect look for any occasion. Whether you want a subtle hint of glam or something more dramatic, these classic beauties will do the job every time. And because they don’t feel heavy or uncomfortable on your eyes like some other brands do, you can wear them all day without worrying about them slipping off or irritating your skin. Plus they look just as natural as if they were your own! 

Luviri’s Pro Lash Application:

Applying falsies doesn’t have to be intimidating, all you need is a bit of practice! For an easy application process every time, follow our expert tips below on how to apply strip lashes for beginners and pros alike. We recommend using our Strong Hold Lash Glue specifically designed for a stronger hold and for sensitive eyes, so you won't experience any irritation when applying them. Once applied correctly, these beautiful falsies will stay put all day long so you can feel confident knowing that your eye makeup looks flawless no matter where life takes you! 

Step 1: Prep & Cleanse Your Natural Lashes

It’s a great idea to cleanse and prep your natural lashes before makeup or false lash application. Get your natural lashes ready for glam with our Foaming Lash Cleanser and Lash Cleansing Brush. Remove all traces of makeup and even stubborn excess oils without irritating the eyes. Our gentle, nourishing formula will not only give you clean eyelashes but also promote lash health and lash growth thanks to its rich ingredients. 

With your eyelashes finally looking spick and span, you can finish applying the finishing touches to your glam eye makeup look. Complete it with a layer of Mascara and curl your natural lashes using a lash curling tool for that irresistibly sexy flutter!


lash rescue mascara
lash rescue lash growth mascara

Step 2: Trim & Measure Up Your Falsies

Carefully remove your lashes from their lash tray, it is best to gently lift the lashes from the outer corner and slowly pull away from the lash tray. This will avoid any of the delicate lashes being removed from the lash band.  Measure your false lashes to your natural lash line/eyelid. As not all eye shapes are the same, if needed you can give your falsies a little trim on the outer corners to ensure they fit perfectly.


Step 3: Placement of the Lash Adhesive

Using our latex-free Strong Hold Lash Glue, apply a thin layer across the entire lash band. With its fine tip brush it makes applying the glue an absolute breeze. You can always pop a thin layer of glue across your natural lash line as well for an “extra” hold. Wait for approximately 20-30 seconds for the glue to go tacky (not wet), before applying. This is really important for a mess-free easy lash application. You will notice the lash glue will turn from white to clear as it gets tacky. 


strong hold lash glue

Luviri strong hold lash glue lash application

Step 4: Luxury False Lash Application

Struggling to apply lashes? We have just the trick for you! It's time to take a new approach and look at things from another angle. Next time try placing your mirror underneath your face, then lower it until you can see down as if your eyes are closed. Hello hassle-free lash application that makes it easy for you to apply your lashes to fit perfectly, with minimal mess or risk of poking yourself in the eye. 

Using your non-slip Lash Applicator (or without, just using your fingers) apply the lashes in the middle of your natural lash line, then gently push them in on the inner and outer corners. Finally, gently squeeze your natural lashes and luxury false strip lashes together to create a real seamless lash look.

Step 5: The Finisher

Top off your glamorous look with a slick black Liner or Magnetic Pen Liner along your lash line. Make sure you pay special attention to the inner corners for killer definition and total smoothness, no gaps allowed! Don't forget an optional wing flick at the outer corner if you feel like going all out.

magnetic pen liner
Magnetic pen liner by Luviri

Get Polished with Luviri False Lashes:

Like all of Luviri’s products, these lashes are 100% vegan and cruelty-free, so you can feel good about what you’re buying. Plus, our range of best everyday false lashes come in classic or extra volume options so that you can really customize your look. No matter how much glamour you want in your life, a little or a lot, Luviri has got you covered! 

lash aftercare bundle lash care
Lash care bundle

If you're looking for an extra bit of glamour without having to go overboard, the Polished style is perfect for you! They provide just enough volume and length that you'll get those beautiful doe eyes without having too much drama. And since they're reusable up to 20 times with our recommended lash aftercare, they won't break the bank either! 


Luviri's diy lash extension starter kits

Get your glam on with Luviri's ultra luxe collection of false lashes! From fluttery, classic styles to full-on volume and drama, you'll find luscious looks for every mood. Plus our hot selling Magnetic & Invisible Magnetic Lash Kits, as well as our DIY Eyelash Extensions are perfect if you want an affordable high impact look. And don't forget the essentials like Reusable Makeup Remover Pads, Exfoliating Gloves, Foaming Cleanser and more! Get all kinds of beauty goodies delivered free when you spend $80 or more at Luviri’s online store, what are ya waiting for? Now go ahead and explore our range of amazing Fake Lashes here at Luviri today, we know you'll fall in love!

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